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Neil Young 2015-04-16 Slo Brewing Company, San Luis Obispo, CA

Neil Young
SLO Brewing Company
San Luis Obispo, CA
April 16, 2015

Recorded by Whiskeyrecordings

Source: Zoom H1 w/internal mics (16/44.1) > CD Trade

Transfer Lineage:
CD-R > Soundforge 9.0 > WAV > TLH (Sector Boundary aligned) Flac level 6

Balanced, Edited and Tracked by kingrue upload 463


Neil Young performed a secret show with Willie Nelson’s sons last Thursday night, with just over 450 in attendance.

Neil performed many new songs,  giving the crowd a taste of what's to come.

Basically testing out material for the new Album and Tour that will be coming later this year.

For the first set,  the Zoom recorder malfunctioned and only recorded onto the left channel. 

I copied the left channel into the right channel.  Tracks 1 - 6 are now 2 channel mono. 

The remainder of the recording is 2 channel stereo.

Neil starts set 2 with 'Walk On',  but it wasn't recorded.  This starts abruptly into 'Monsanto Years'.

A big thanks goes to the taper who had just enough time and was close enough to rush over and buy a ticket and record it.

Sending his recording over my way for editing and uploading.

This is the first and maybe only source for this secret gig.

Neil was backed by The Nelson Brothers and other members of Willie Nelson's band.

Neil Young - Guitar and Vocals
Lukas Nelson - Guitar
Jacob Micah Nelson  - Guitar
Corey McCorkmick - Bass
Anthony Logerfo — Drums

Samples Provided

Set 1:
01. Country Home
02. People Want to Hear About Love (live debut)
03. New Day for the Planet (live debut)
04. Down by the River
05. Too Big Too Fail (live debut)
06. GMO-Starbucks (live debut)

Set 2:
missing: Walk On
07. Monsanto Years (live debut)
08. I Don't Know You (live debut)
09. Seeds (live debut)
10. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
11. Big Sky Wolf Moon (live debut)
12. Love and Only Love
13. Unknown (live debut)
14. Country Home
15. Crowd Cheer
16. Roll Another Number (For the Road)

Total Time = 119:53 min




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