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Pearl Jam 2004-10-02 Toledo Sports Arena: Toledo, OH(SV071 - "VFC TOLEDO")

Pearl Jam
October 2, 2004
Toledo Sports Arena: Toledo, OH

Source: [Schoeps > DAT] + [DPA4022 > SX-M2 > SBM-1 > D100] > CD Wave > FLAC

Tapers: Schoeps Mafia, George Wang
Mix/Edit: Leehro
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan


Disc 1:
01. Intro                00:30.08
02. I Am A Patriot            03:33.57     
03. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away    02:57.37     
04. Intro                01:23.29      
05. Long Road                05:07.02     
06. Corduroy                05:01.27      
07. Hail Hail                03:36.09      
08. Save You                03:47.00      
09. The American In Me            02:57.65      
10. Cropduster                04:02.50      
11. I Am Mine                03:45.15      
12. Wishlist                09:33.00    
13. Better Man                04:56.45      
14. I Believe In Miracles        03:58.10      
15. Even Flow                07:14.45      
16. Bleed For Me            03:57.23      
17. Alive                06:22.13      

Total:                    72:43.60 

Disc 2:

01. Encore Break 1            00:43.12
02. Thumbing My Way            04:27.70      
03. Elderly Woman            03:47.38      
04. Black                09:43.33     
05. Encore Break 2            02:39.29     
06. Harvest Moon^            05:39.02      
07. Encore Break 3            00:52.10       
08. All Along The Watchtower+        08:05.68     
09. Act Of Love%            05:35.00      
10. Cortez The Killer#            10:19.13     
11. Rockin' In The Free World%        10:31.58    

Total:                    62:24.33

^ with Neil and Pegi Young
+ with Neil Young
% with Neil and Pegi Young and Peter Frampton
# with Neil Young and Peter Frampton


Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):
Big, big show with Neil Young heard soundchecking with the band. Toward the start of the show, Ed quote some statistics:
"Four percent of the whole US population is in Ohio. You account for 25% of the jobs that have been lost in the last four
years. That's staggering. And this is a swing state?" At the end of the acoustic set, Ed says something about a friend
"... who came a long way, I thought to see us, but really I think he came out to see you" and Neil and Pegi Young take
the stage. 'Harvest Moon' ends the acoustic set and is just Ed and Pegi on vocals with Neil playing acoustic guitar. The
encore songs include Neil (obviously) and the final three songs also include Neil's wife Pegi, plus Peter Frampton For
'Act of Love,' Ed and Pegi stand to one side providing vocals, with Neil fronting. Neil tells the crowd to get friends
registered to vote and "... maybe we can turn this whole thing around."

Technical Notes:
The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and
distributed by in tandem with, as
part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows.  Each show includes artwork,
FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File.  If the artwork is
not included, you can find it at

Special thanks to the left coast mafia, team dz, and

Compiled 09/23/2005 by Leehro


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