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Pearl Jam 2004-10-08 Silver Spurs Arena: Kissimmee, FL(SV075 - "VFC KISSIMMEE")

Pearl Jam
October 8, 2004
Silver Spurs Arena: Kissimmee, FL

Pre-Set Source: DPA4061 > mod SBM-1 > PCM-M1 > DAT-M > FLAC
Main Set Source: Schoeps CCM4s > Aerco > SBM-1 > TCD D8 > FLAC > dEQ > FLAC

Taper: Schoeps Mafia
Artwork: The Anonymous Fan


Disc 1:  
01. Trouble                03:28.50
02. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away    02:58.27
03. Last Exit                03:03.55     
04. Animal                02:41.48     
05. Save You                03:31.38      
06. American In Me            03:05.74      
07. Even Flow                07:29.34      
08. 1/2 Full                05:07.17      
09. Given To Fly            03:39.04      
10. Wishlist                07:16.01      
11. In My Tree                05:43.04      
12. Timeless Melody*            03:23.08      
13. Rearviewmirror            09:22.03      
14. Lukin                01:01.02      
15. I Am Mine                04:05.50      
16. Nothingman                04:59.07      
17. Last Kiss                03:14.27      

Total:                    74:09.74    

Disc 2:
01. Black                08:06.71     
02. jazz improv/toaster improv        05:54.32     
03. Corduroy                04:45.56     
04. Do The Evolution            06:21.72      
05. Betterman/(Save It For Later)    06:58.32      
06. Daughter/(Blitzkrieg Pop)        07:17.66      
07. I Believe In Miracles        04:09.25      
08. The New World&            03:45.49      
09. Fortunate Son            03:29.56      
10. Alive                11:36.54     
11. Rockin' In The Free World        06:32.47      
12. Yellow Ledbetter            06:38.39      

Total:                    75:37.74   

* with Ben Gibbard from Death Cab
& with Tim Robbins


Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):
High energy show, ripping through the first four songs and Ed joking
several times about how they would play as long as Bruce. Vacant security.
Ed changes the lyrics of the second verse of 'Even Flow' relative to Bush
and then forgets the following lyrics and blames it on Bush. Praise to Mike
for the 'EF' solo and then Ed has Mike kick off '1/2 Full.' The first verse
of 'Wishlist' is messed up, starting "I wish I was the singer ..." and he
laughs it away to start over, screw up again and admit it at the end of the
verse. The improv ending includes language about Ed wanting to be president
and Cheney to be VP so Ed can shout "get the fuck out." Ed introduces Ben
Gibbard from Death Cab to play a "Las song" ('Timeless Melody'), leaving the
crowd a bit clueless. The acoustic set begins with Ed talking about how they
will play some songs not heard often, romantic love songs and then they rip
into 'Lukin.' Ed is still sick, sipping tea (and wine) and blowing his nose.
During 'Black,' he walks to the side and takes Susan Sarandon's hand to
dance. The improvs are just the band noodling/goofing around. 'DTE' includes
"I'm the first man to poop my pants," and he demonstratively pulls up his
ants. The 'SIFL' tag includes asking the crowd numerous times if they are
going to vote followed by "don't let me downnnn!" 'I Believe In Miracles'
is dedicated to Johnny Ramone since it would have been his birthday. During
'Alive' the house lights come on, to be turned off and turned back on for
the final encore. Both opening bands plus Tim Robbins' son participate in

Technical Notes:
The complete set of Vote For Change shows are being mixed/remastered and
distributed by theskyiscrape.com in tandem with blackredyellow.com, as
part of the BRY/SV series of the best PJ shows.  Each show includes artwork,
FLAC Fingerprints, SHNTOOL Reports, and this Text File.  If the artwork is
not included, you can find it at blackredyellow.com

Show was re-tracked to fit the preset on Disc 1.

Special thanks to the left coast mafia, team dz, and blackredyellow.com

Compiled 09/24/2005 by Leehro


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