Friday, June 23, 2017

Dire Straits 1981-06-21 Carrara, Italy

Dire Straits - 1981-06-21 - Carrara

Set list:


1: Once upon a time in the west
2: Expresso love
3: Down to the waterline
4: Lions
5: Romeo and juliet
6: News


1: Sultans of swing
2: Portobello Belle
3: Angel of mercy
4: Tunnel of love
5: Where do you think you're going
6: Solid rock

Slghtly below average sound on this one. Not so distant, it was definately recorded in the pit. Lots of audience noises, and this is definately no low-gen version, either. But IMO the "in your face"-feeling compensates for the audience noises, as they shut a bit up during the songs ;-) If I must compare it to something, I'd say the audience noises are like on the Passaic 80 boot, the sound itself a bit below that.

I guess this one could be a bit better with some remastering.

Anyway, a rare boot - definately something to grab. Very nice performance, too.


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Happy New Year!




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