Thursday, May 18, 2017

Iron Maiden 1980-12-21 Rainbow Theatre, London, England

Rainbow Theatre, London, England
01. The Ides Of March
02. Sanctuary
03. Wrathchild
04. Remember Tomorrow
05. Charlotte The Harlot
06. Killers
07. Another Life / Drum Solo
08. Prowler
09. Innocent Exile
10. Phantom Of The Opera
11. Iron Maiden
12. Running Free
13. Drifter
14. Women In Uniform (from Top Of The Pops)
15. I've Got The Fire (from Top Of The Pops)
Description courtesy of Vegueta

I have suffered a lot getting inf. about this show but
here it is:

I got this show without the covers and with the legend
Adrian Smith introduction, so I heard the CD and yes
you can hear very clear when Paul said "We have a new
guitarist Mr. Adrian Smith" at the end of Another life
so the first thing was to be sure about that this is
from Adrian's warm up tour. Second the date this was
really difficult but at the end of Iron Maiden you will
hear Paul saying "Merry Christmas" so looking into other
sites I found that they played at Rainbow Theater
21.12.80 At the end of phantom of the opera there was
a fight but Paul tried to keep everything in order
saying "We don't want accidents", some of the speeches
were a little bit cut.

About the sound the quality is excellent Audience
recording. The last 2 songs are 1 from Top of the pops.
I want to say thank you very much to Jorge for the
original covers.

Audience recording, Quality +8.


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