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Rush 1979-09-02 Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada(1st source)

Media:     2 CDr Audio
Time:     51:37, 63:48
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 90279-3
Source: Audience
Date:     September 02, 1979
Location: Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bookmark:  http://www.digitalrushexperience.com/database/review.php?RecordingID=1011

2112   17:42
A Passage To Bangkok   4:13
By-Tor And The Snow Dog   5:39
Xanadu   13:24
The Spirit Of Radio   5:33
The Trees   5:03

Cygnus X-1   10:20
Hemispheres   17:34
Closer To The Heart   3:32
Freewill   5:58
Working Man Medley / Drum Solo   16:08
La Villa Strangiato   10:16

Average Rating:    Audio: 6.625

The Digital Dan   (Audio - 7)A rare show form the brief Semi Tour of Some of the Hemispheres tour. These shows served as a preview and warm up for the
recording of the Permanent Waves album. This concert has a great performance of both books of Cygnus and worth having for that alone. Occasionally you
can get a source that just remasters beautifully, and this is one of those sources. The highs are fantastic, a little strong at times, but incredibly
accurate and detailed. The mix is great, just about perfect. The song selection alone is a reason for having this performance. You get all the epics in
one recording, full length performances of 2112, Xanadu, Cygnus X-1, Hemispheres, and La Villa Strangiato. An incredible sounding tape for the time, a
real must have. As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section
to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.    (1999-06-24)

Ben   (Audio - 7)Not really a bad sounding show, maybe just a bit slow but not too bad. (it appears to get slightly slower as Hemispheres starts) Pretty
heavy on drums and low end (which may have something to do with the speed) the guitar is a bit hard to hear at times (mostly during the early first half
of the show, but clears up) , and there is some distortion on the cymbals but nothing extremely awful!
Some of the highlights are a great version of Cygnus/Hemispheres (TOTALLY UNCUT!), and a pre-release version of The Spirit of Radio & Freewill (with a bit
of a different ending) Then we get a "bossa-nova" style intro to Working Man.
This is the best show out there from the pre-Permanent Waves recording warm-up extravaganza tour, Beats the Allentown show as far as sound quality! (which
isn't completely horrible, but seems to be weak during the "meat" of the show) Definitely would be a great addition to any collection! Check it out!!!!   

Ron's Rush RoIO Review   (Audio - 7)This is so far the best show to emerge from the short pre-PeW tour. The set list is the same as others from this tour.
The performance is great -- the version of The Spirit of Radio is very distinctive, especially in the "Simon and Garfunkel" part of the song. The sound is
pretty good for a show of this age. It?s got a booming bass end, and the drums sound quite good. It?s a bit distorted though, especially in the high end.
Still, it?s a great version of this transitional tour.   (1999-04-01)

Eric   (Audio - 5.5)
I've never really been fond of this recording. The drums are REALLY loud, and I don't really think they sound so great. The guitar is almost background
noise, and the bass is pretty muddy. There is, however, a lack of distortion, which is good. Geddy is REALLY distant, so its hard to make out what he is
saying. He is also very background too, so that why I have never been to fond of this recording. So, there for, I can only recommend this to die-hard
collectors.   (2008-11-19)


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