Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Yes 1974-02-27 Cobo Arena Detroit, MI

Cobo Arena
Detroit, MI

Remastered by TheTooleMan 2004

This recording also circulates as Fresno, CA., 1974-03-20. I believe the correct date and location are the Detroit ones. Checking Forgotten-Yesterdays.com, there are comments from attendees about the short set and the next night's show which jive with this recording.

This is a very good tape. Its only shortcoming is that it is so short!

March, 2014

1. Introduction
2. The Ancient
3. Ritual
4. Roundabout


1.01 Introduction (0.50)
1.02 The Ancient (19.04)
1.03 Ritual (21.40)
1.04 Roundabout (8.13)


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