Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yes 1974-04-14 Friedrich Elbert Halle Ludwigshafen GER

This is not the best-sounding yes tape ever. The instrumental/vocal balance is ok but the recording suffers from dropouts and distortion. The encore is worse: roundabout sounds muddy, starship trooper has only treble and distortion. The tape runs out during 'würm'.

It has been released on cd as 'Tales from the edge' but 10 minutes from 'ritual' were missing. Read a review here:

This tape (received by a trader, circa 1989) has the whole show. I don't know which generation it is, so if anyone has the cd, I'd be interested how the cd sounds in comparison.

Aud -> unknown -> Cassette -> Mackie Onyx Firewire -> Wavelab: EQ, speed correction, level correction -> flac

1.01 Firebird Suite (2.07)
1.02 Siberian Khatru (9.41)
1.03 And You And I (9.25)
1.04 Close To The Edge (18.18)
1.05 The Revealing Science Of God (20.17)

2.01 The Ancient (19.24)
2.02 Ritual (24.22)
2.03 Audience (3.10)
2.04 Roundabout (8.28)
2.05 Starship Trooper (fades out) (9.09)


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