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Dire Straits 1983-03-19 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia

Artist: Dire Straits
Date of Performance: 19th of March, 1983
Venue: Festival Hall
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Track List:

DISC 1 [1:03:36]:

01. Intro / Once Upon a Time in the West [11:52]
02. Industrial Disease [5:19]
03. Expresso Love [5:30]
04. Romeo and Juliet [8:17]
05. Love Over Gold [3:40]
06. Private Investigations [6:57]
07. Sultans of Swing [10:06]
08. Twisting By The Pool [6:32]
09. Two Young Lovers [5:23]

DISC 2 [51:16]:

01. Portobello Belle [10:31]
02. Tunnel of Love [13:57]
03. Telegraph Road [15:01]
04. Solid Rock [5:34]
05. Going Home (Local Hero) [6:13]


cass[?]>CD-R(?)>EAC(Secure Mode, DC Offset Corrected)>WAV>FLAC(level 6)


This is being seeded by request for direFran. Average sound on this recording- most likely below the level of what you would listen to for normal enjoyment. It's distant sounding, there is some slight background hiss, and the audio has very little high end and dynamic range. That said, it appears to be the complete show, and sounds better than the tape of the concert from the 20th in Melbourne. Typical 1983 performance.

Please do not compress this to mp3 format. Md5 checksums included. Certified lossless. No artwork.

oneveryboot - April, 2007


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