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Dire Straits 1983-03-29 Athletic Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Dire Straits - Wellington 1983

***Enlight adjusted (2010 Jan) version***

(original recording included)

Athletic Park, Wellington, New Zealand

Date 29th March 1983

Source Audience
Format  2CD-R

Tracks CD 1

01 Once upon a time in the west
02 Industrial disease
03 Expresso love
04 Romeo and Juliet
05 Love over gold
06 private investigations
07 Sultans of swing
08 Twisting by the pool
09 Two young lovers

Tracks CD 2

01 Portobello belle
02 Tunnel of love
03 Telegraph road
04 Solid rock
05 Going home

Additional comments: recording from New Zealand 1983. Featuring guest player Paul Williams on saxophone! Complete concert.
thanks to the original uploader, THANKS !!
the date of the show is frequently mixed up with 29 or 30 march 1983, this has been a discussion for some  time, and the cover art isn't really helping out with two different date on front and back cover,and there is a concert 29th concert date ticket included in the torrent! Some raliable tour date site's doesn't confirm the 30th of March,



On Mar 26 1983. In Auckland, New Zealand, Dire Straits draw the largest public gathering ever in the history of New Zealand (62,000) and play to a further 36,000 in Wellington Mar 29 1983!!> ( this show)

Nice to hear Mark speaking as a dentistry at the beginning of Twisting by the Pool,"don't laugh because your teeth will echo the sound back, and Mark makes a silly echo riff on his guitar.( see sample's)

take care

*** Enlight version 2010 Jan***

The original sound quality was rated 4 on a scale 10, hopefully this upgrade will raise the sound quality a bit up, for you!

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