Monday, June 19, 2017

Neil Young 1974-05-16 The Bottom Line NYC

I searched and was amazed to find that this classic performance, one of my top ten boots,
 doesn't seem to have made it to DIME yet. Just in case you don't have it, here it is.

Some history, for anyone who cares: this was a short set performed by Neil completely spontaneously,
as an "add-on" after a Ry Cooder set. Neil did not tour as a solo act during 1974 (he did a brief tour with CSNY),
and therefore his excellent "On The Beach" stuff doesn't show up on many bootlegs.
This torrent features an all-acoustic show featuring Neil performing solo during his supposedly "depressed" period
(after the OD deaths of his guitarist and roadie) between "On The Beach" and "Tonight's The Night."
Can't tell he's depressed here--he's friendly and talkative and doesn't even get upset when a few members
of the small crowd yell for "Southern Man"--instead he tells a funny story about the same thing happening in LA.

What really makes this one stand out, besides the happy/chatty Neil is the setlist, which includes
some rare appearances of a few songs from the aforementioned NY album "On The Beach,"
(my personal favorite) including "Motion Pictures" (I don't have any other boots with this one),
"Revolution Blues" (hilarious), "On The Beach," and the quintessential Neil tune "Ambulance Blues."
With the exception of "Helpless," all of the songs were unreleased at the time of this performance,
making for some interesting first impressions by the crowd.
Indeed, two songs ("Greensleeves" and "Dance, Dance, Dance," which isn't listed on the label) remain unreleased today;
a third, "Pushed It Over the End," was put out as a CSNY 12-inch single in Italy.
On The Beach is the backdrop for this recording, with four of its songs performed live and a fifth
("For The Turnstiles") appearing as a low quality recording of what I believe to be the actual studio version
(the label doesn't say). Renditions of "Pardon My Heart," "Long May You Run," "Roll Another Number"
and "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong" (recorded in a 1970 Carnegie Hall performance) round out the songs.

SQ is very good--this has been called a SBD, but it is clearly not--some distance between the mic and Neil is apparent; however, it is a quality audience tape, with Neil's guitar/harmonica and voice all clear. Check out the sample below to save yourself some bits if you don't like.




Neil Young -The Bottom Line NYC 1974-05-16

CD ("Citizen Kane Junior Blues") > EAC > WAV > FLAC > SHNTOOLS (SBE check--okay)

01. Pushed It Over The Edge (Neil calls it "Citizen Kane Junior Blues")
02. Long May You Run
03. Greensleeves
04. Ambulance Blues
05. Helpless
06. Revolution Blues
07. On The Beach
08. Roll Another Number For The Road
09. Motion Pictures
10. Pardon My Heart
11. Dance, Dance, Dance

12. For The Turnstiles (1973)
13. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Carnegie Hall 1974-12-05)


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