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Rush 2015-06-10 First Niagara Center Buffalo, New York

Rush ~ "Burning In The Moment"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
R40 Tour
First Niagara Center
Buffalo, New York, USA

Format: Recorded in 24-bit/44.1kHz
Source: Audience Digital Master
Equipment: Pair of Milab VM-44 Link Cardioids ~> Marantz PMD661(Oade CM)
Location: Floor, F6, Row 31 (Ged)
Taper: ninjadave
Mastering: ninjadave/SiriusJoe


SET I [64:46]
01 - Vid: The World Is...The World Is 2:33
02 - The Anarchist 6:51
03 - The Wreckers 5:31
04 - Headlong Flight (w/drum solo) 8:47
05 - Far Cry 5:32
06 - The Main Monkey Business 6:37
07 - How It Is 4:26
08 - Animate 6:17
09 - Roll The Bones 6:21
10 - Between The Wheels 6:02
11 - Subdivisions 5:44

Set II [92:36]

01 - Vid: No Country For Old Hens 5:47
02 - Tom Sawyer 5:03
03 - The Camera Eye 10:02
04 - The Spirit of Radio 5:27
05 - Jacob's Ladder 7:31
06 - Hemispheres Prelude 4:21
07 - Cygnus X-1 (w/drum solo) 9:30
08 - Closer To The Heart 2:57
09 - Xanadu 10:41
10 - 2112 (Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Grand Finale) 12:08
11 - Vid: Mel's Rockpile 1:42
12 - Lakeside Park 2:24
13 - Anthem 3:02
14 - What You're Doing 3:43
15 - Working Man (w/Garden Road riff) 5:20
16 - Vid: Exit Stage Left/Polka CttH Outro (fades) 2:51

Total Time [2:37:22]



My fourth show of the R40 Tour and second in 3 days...brutal driving but worth the pain. Thankfully, my eldest
Bro was with me for this one and he drove the last half of the way home from Buffalo. Both shows round tripping
same is a bitch! Great show by the band, the sound in the venue was nearly deafening, not sure why
they had it turned up so loud, but maybe due to the height of the building...cripes, was it loud. Too loud. My tape
is not really effected and this one sounds pretty good. Great to hear Set B, loved it and I think its the strongest
of the three sets. For the diehard, hard to beat hearing a never played tune, BtW is so good and TCE makes the second
set even more INSANELY good...I had some seat issues during TCE - you'll notice some minor phasing as I had to
vacate the row for a minute or so. Idiots. The band is getting tighter, Columbus was great as well, coming back
from the break, they are definately re-energized and it shows. Their playing is much better and they worked out some
of the kinks. I'm sure they listened to the first leg shows, just a lot of little things improved. They nailed How It Is,
such a special song and full of emotion. Hope you enjoy.

To the greatest power trio ever, none will ever touch you - Thank you DIRK, LERXST and PRATT for 40+ years of
incredible music, dedication, laughter, heartbreak and utter joy. I will never forget it.

There are no fades in the tracks so burn the way you want. SJ helped me with the overall mastering "recipe" for
these shows so, thanks again SJ!!

Repost if you like - just keep info and file set intact. No MODS/Matrixes please, unless approved by me.

MP3 for personal use only please.

Upped by ninjadave - June 2015


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