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Dire Straits 1983-07-05 Novara, (Football) Stadium Communale, ITA

Dire Straits - 1983-07-05  "Live in Novara'83" Italy .Good sound ,great performance!! (With samples)

Novara, (Football) Stadium Communale, ITA

Date: 1983 July 7th

Source: Audience
Format: 2CD-R
rating: 8



01 Once Upon A Time In The West
02 Industrial Disease
03 Expresso Love
04 Romeo And Juliet
05 Love Over Gold
06 Private Investigations
07 Sultans Of Swing
08 Twisting By The Pool


01 Two Young Lovers
02 Portobello Belle
03 Tunnel Of Love
04 Telegraph Road
05 Solid Rock
06 Going Home

The band:

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals
Terry Williams : drums
Hal Lindes : guitars
Alan Clark : keyboards
Mel Collins: saxophone
Joop de Korte : Percussion

Thanks to the orig tapers(s) and uploader.THANKS Enlight!

Comments Jean-Sébastien Brasme:

Good sounding bootleg, and great performance.

Includes the long version of 'Portobello Belle' with band introduction.


comments J.v.Tol(OEB):

Pretty good sound quality.

Great versions

complete concert.


Enlight note:

This time my note will be a quoted comment part from Brunno Nunes's site (I coudn't do it any better)

--------begin quote>>>>

"A bootleg fantastic

A great record to be appreciated!

Great atmosphere present throughout the concert, which was done in the Stadio Communale, Novara, Italy, on 5th July 1983.

Beautiful versions , always with that climate fascinating that only the Love Over Gold Tour 82/83 can offer, always with an atmosphere very characteristic.

I hope that all those who fall this bootleg, has it with much affection, he is very special to me!

Brunno Nunes.

----------End quote<<<<<<

Covers (thx ktga), flac.log and MD5 included

have fun and enjoy

Take care
Enlight (June 2011)


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