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Dire Straits 1983-07-17 Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Ireland

Dire Straits - Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Ireland 1983-07-17. rare (The only Irish gig during the LOG-tour) samples included
Dire Straits
Punchestown Racecourse,
Naas, Ireland
17th July 1983

Source: Audience
format: 2CDs

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Once upon a time in the west
3. Industrial disease
4. Expresso love
5. Romeo and Juliet & Love over gold
6. Private investigations
7. Sultans of swing
8. Twisting by the pool
9. Two young lovers

CD 2

1. Portobelle Belle
2. Tunnel of love
2. Telegraph road
3. Solid rock
4. Going Home (Local Hero)

thx to the original taper/uploader/artwork creator) THANKS ENLIGHT!!
Enlight note:

Another kindly requested LOG 1983 concert.

nice sound quality for a 1983 show.
It was the only Irish gig of that tour.
Mark and band in a good mood.
great versions of Industrial disease and Romeo and Juliet.

The always very nice Irish crowd singing along with most songs ( not in a worrisome way),
nice to hear the interaction between Mark and the audience during the intro of Portobelle Belle. Fun to hear the audience reaction to the "Irish reggae" part of this song>
and as always a great guitar-Sax duet between Mark and Mel .

Complete concert

Dire Straits were supported by The Undertones, The Chieftans and Hotfoot that day.
(see included Promo poster copy)

(nice art/promo copy included)


Take care
Enlight (2013-04-02)


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