Monday, February 12, 2018

Guns N' Roses 1988-02-12 Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Source: Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
Date: February 12th, 1988.
Sound Quality: B+
type audience
uM > uR > analog gen ? CDR
Time Disc 1: 41:46
Time Disc 2: 42:38

        Disc 1

1.  Intro
2.  It's So Easy
3.  Mr. Brownstone
4.  Move To The City
5.  Out Ta Get Me
6.  Sweet Child O' Mine
7.  My Michelle
8.  Rocket Queen
9.  Used To Love Her

       Disc 2

1.  Welcome To The Jungle
2.  Patience
3.  Only Women Bleed
4.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door [cut]
5.  You're Crazy
6.  Band Introductions
7.  Nightrain
8.  Drum Solo
9.  Blues Jam

notes: Axl tells the crowd they'll be filming a video for 'Sweet Child O' Mine' when they go back to L.A. Before 'Used To Love Her,' Axl says that Sam Kinison "kind of" inspired the song. Axl says that when Paul Stanley of Kiss was interested in producing the band he said that 'Welcome To The Jungle' needed to be re-written in order to be a "pop" hit. Needless to say Paul Stanley never worked with GN'R. This is the first documented performance of 'Only Women Bleed' by Slash. For an unknown reason Axl leaves towards the end of 'Nightrain' and the band finishes the show without him.


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