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Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 1999-02-12 Smith Opera House Geneva, NY

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Smith Opera House
Geneva, NY
February 12, 1999

Schoeps CCM-4s->Lunatec V2->Tascam DA-P1

Location: 15th Row Center
Taper unknown > DAT trade
DAT Transferred by OldNeumanntapr:

Sony TCD-D8 >S/PDIF >Tascam DR-100 mkII  (16/48)
 WAV > Audacity (Track Splits And Down Sample) >FLAC (Level 8) Via xACT 2.28

Additional editing by kingrue

Flac > WAV > Soundforge 9.0 [editing & tracking] > EAC > TLH [sector boundaries aligned] > Flac [level 8]

The hand claps were very high in the mix and the music was noticeably quiet.
Several tracks had very low levels.
I Amplified the Volume, Balanced the Channels and Re-tracked the songs.
Crowd cheer and isolated hand claps were reduced. I edited out some high piercing whistles as well.
This is now a much smoother and balanced representation for your listening pleasure.
Traders Den 11/27/14
kingrue upload #350


Track 01 has Digi Static @ 4:37 and @ 4:48, each time for about 1 second.
Track 02 The left channel had almost completely dropped out for the first 60 seconds.
I replaced that portion with the right channel and amplified and balanced.
There is a quick tape stop / start between tracks 14 and 15. no music missing.
This is a very long concert, in great sound quality.

Set I
01 Spanish Point
02 Oddity
03 Band Introductions
04 Let Me B
05 Almost 12
06 New 3/4
07 Vic solo
08 Stomping Grounds

Set II
09 Futch Solo
10 Throwdown At The Hoedown
11 Big Country
12 Communication
13 Commonality
14 Bela Solo
15 Shanti
16 Royal Garden Blues
17 Sinister Minister

Total Time = 2 hours 42 minutes and 24 seconds


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