Saturday, May 6, 2017

Big Star 1975-01-00 WLYX radio Southwestern Univ..Memphis Tn

Big Star (aka Sister Lovers)
Southwestern Univ..Memphis Tn
WLYX radio

Alex Chilton - Guitar & Vocals
Jody Stephens - Percussion
Pat Rainer,Randy Romano,Beth Hudson,
& other unnamed hangers-on - Backing Vocals & yapping

1.Femme Fatale
2.Oh Dana
3.Take Me Home & Make Me Like It (fades out)
4.Jesus Christ
5.Death Cab For Cutie
6.Kizza Me
7.I Will Always Love You
8.The Letter

Ok,this show has had a lot of conflicting info as far as dates &
personel so I used Rob Jonanovic's (fantastic,by the way) 2004 Big
Star bio for this info....even he didnt put an exact date on this show.
It states Alex was on a wicked combo of LSD & Mandrax for this show
(dunno about the acid but you can REALLY hear the downs!) & that Jody
Stephens quit right after this "show"....The book also says they were
going under the name "Sister Lovers" instead of Big Star at tis point
but to avoid confusion I used Big call it whatever you'd like,
and get ready for a wild ride through the mid-70's rollercoaster that
was Alex Chilton!

There are a few abrupt edits in between tracks here,and the overall
quality is just ok....But if you are at all interested in Big Star
or Chilton,check it out!



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  1. Ya by this point Alex was in a severe depression,Chris was long gone and day to day no one quite knew what to expect.Great post though man,it's great to find something this rare!!!