Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bruce Hornsby 1989-06-24 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Telluride, CO

Here's an oldie (by Bruce's standards anyway)...guaranteed to get your toes a-tappin'...

Bruce Hornsby

Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, CO

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Disc 1
1. Western Skyline
2. Not Fade Away
3. Red Plains >
4. I Know You Rider
5. Every Little Kiss#^
6. Road Not Taken* >
Workin' In A Coalmine*
7. Jacob's Ladder*#^
8. Mandolin Rain*#
9. Au Privave*#
10. Lakes Of Ponchatrain*#$

Disc 2
1. Stranger In A Strange Land+
2. Wild Horses+
3. I've Just Seen A Face+
4. The Way It Is&
5. Valley Road+^
6. Quinn The Eskimo+ >
Idol With The Golden Head+ >
Quinn The Eskimo+

# w/ Mark O'Connor
^ w/ Jerry Douglas
* w/ Bela Fleck
$ w/ Paul Brady
+ w/ New Grass Revival (which includes Bela Fleck & Sam Bush)
& w/ Bela Fleck & Sam Bush (but not the entire New Grass Revival)

This one will cure both your Hornsby AND your bluegrass fixes!  I received this one some years ago and recently broke it out of the mothballs...I really forgot how good it was.  While I'm really enjoying all of the recent Bruce shows, I thought it would be nice to shake it up with some early Bruce.  In regards to quality, this one is not on the same level as some of the '95-99 DSBDs that have been posted, but it's solid nevertheless.  The mix is not the greatest...a bit on the low end for me personally, but I'm content jacking the bass up a little bit.  What this one lacks in the hi-qual department, it more than makes up for it in a super high-octane performance. Disc 2 just cooks!!!  This is also a great historical documentation of relatively early Bruce and his first live venture away from the constraints of his then 'Top 40' tag. 

My copy (which I believe to be the most commonly circulated) suffered from a few flaws (2 skips, some choppy dead-air edits between tunes, and some unbalanced as well as low levels).  I cleaned all these up as best I could with Wave Lab 4.0 and the result is a nice improvment over the original.  As you will hear, there are still a few spots where the board feed falls off in the left channel occasionally, but it's not too much of a distraction.

As for the guest appearances, the setlist site lists something different than I have here.  It is apparent from the music, as well as Bruce's between-song comments that there are more people on the stage for a few of these songs than is listed on the setlist page.  Perhaps someone who was there and witnessed this show could set the record straight for all of us.  In the meantime, enjoy this one!


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