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Guns N' Roses 1988-08-31 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA

Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA USA
vg+ to ex- aud, UNCIRC MASTER

Setlist & Fingerprints:

Track 01 - You're Crazy.flac:67b15e15dc17a5f11a032c90d49c719e
Track 02 - It's So Easy.flac:81a9a13d6b3b82a6bed36f4fe1740e1b
Track 03 - Mr. Brownstone.flac:432a6aa8d4e70be0a1c128a118be8b07
Track 04 - Out Ta Get Me.flac:a1ccad71f44ed1e93864b1c8b13312e0
Track 05 - Patience.flac:40b7d2a61553368f381e02048d4890c3
Track 06 - Welcome To The Jungle.flac:bf68176f6123496186ab2f63861652ca
Track 07 - Guitar solo - Slash.flac:02e42613a9e3b2b050f139f3e1919fda
Track 08 - Paradise City.flac:ef39077ef1ab281930b21b4c7db66685
Track 09 - Sweet Child O' Mine.flac:12c14b471cff6bd5fb371d9c9b5e92d9

One CD, 9 tracks
TT: 46:57

Sound quality:

Very good plus to excellent minus, 8.5-9/10 IMHO, as always. 


Stereo tie mic > Sony Walkman WM-F46 analog tape recorder > 
Maxell UDS-I 90 high-grade normal bias master tapes >
JVC Stereo Double Cassette Deck TD-W505 > 
ZOOM H2 Handy Recorder >
SanDisk SD 2 GB sound card (tracked wav files here) >
transferred wav files to HD >  
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracked and edited wav files here) >
Trader's Little Helper (encoded wav to flac, level 8, 
aligned on sector boundaries)

This was requested by at least one Dimer, so I think some of
you will be in for a treat. At least I hope so. This is the
first recording of a professional band that jojogunne ever
made. You might find the tale of the first foray into taping
insanity amusing, so here goes...

A good friend of mine introduced me to record shows and bootleg
tapes back around 1986, but I had been aware of vinyl bootlegs
since 1973. After attending many "gatherings of the faithful"
at various Pittsburgh area hotels and convention centers (and
some of those were pretty wacky) and spending ~ $300 on tapes
(at ~ $5-10/tape), I began to think "Hey, this recording thing
can't be THAT hard ; I'll bet that I can do it myself and the
quality will be at least as good as what I'm buying !" How right
I turned out to be. After buying a SONY WM-F46 with tie mic 
included for a whopping $60 plus tax, I was on my way. Being a
Do It Yourself type of person, I started checking the news for
upcoming concerts. Aerosmith/Guns'n'Roses was the first concert
that I spotted so I decided to make that the maiden voyage.

I was pretty paranoid about getting caught taping so I tried to
dress in a way that would dissuade people from approaching me.
I decided on a old shirt, weird tie and a worn sport jacket to
cover the shoulder-slung recorder. I looked like a fucking retard.
But that was what I was shooting for ; I figured that if somebody
looked at me and thought "What a good guy to stay away from !", 
half the battle was won. The concert day arrived. I drove into
downtown Pixburgh and up the hill to the Civic Arena. As I walked
to one of the many gates of the circular building, my heart was in
my mouth. I was convinced that a cop was gonna pull me out of line
and it would be all over. Not to worry. The little old men ticket-
takers barely looked at me and when I successfully snuck everything
in, I felt like cheering. The big winner...I found my seat and waited
for the show to start. When Guns 'N' Roses hit the stage and began to
play, I hit REC and the rest is history...

The Gunners played a ferocious 48 minute set and almost blew Aerosmith
off the stage. I was not real impressed with Axl's vocals and wondered
how somebody could screech like that for almost an hour and still have
any voice left. You have the audio document in your hands if you grab
this so enjoy it if you get it. I made a few beginner's mistakes, like
talking just a little to my neighbors, continually checking to see 
if the recorder was running, fiddling with the mic, letting people use
my binoculars and looking around to see if I were being observed. I
stopped all that crap after a while. I was able to edit out virtually
all my talking, so that won't be a problem. The concert is complete
and is a record of a hungry band on their way up playing like there
would be no tomorrow. Quite a different band than what bears that name
now. That's about all that I have, so let's get this little gem on the
road to spiritual enlightenment OR we can just welcome it to the jungle... 
Well, that's about it, so let's get this show on the road...  

No buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
I will post a sample to help people decide if they want this
but trust me, it's a fine-quality show. Listen to this on 
headphones for an enjoyable experience! Well, thanks for 
reading this and Mr. Natural would like to add these few 
comments: have fun, have a good fuckin' night and by all means, 
enjoy the concert!!! 

jojogunne 4/15/2011 Happy Income Tax Day to all Americans !

Remember the motto: You're in the jungle baby and you're gonna die !!!      

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