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Jon Anderson 2013-04-06 The Factory Marrickville Sydney Australia

Jon Anderson
The Factory

april 6th 2013

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Recorded stage left, maybe 18m. from stage

philandjenny recordings no.18


Sun is Calling > Yours is no Disgrace
Sweet Dreams
....banter and intro to...
Time And a Word >
One Love (excerpt)
Under Heavens Door
....olias of sunhillow banter.....
Flight of the Moorglade
......meeting vangelis banter........
I'll Find my Way Home
Starship Trooper >
.....(bad) joke banter........>
Starship Trooper (conclusion)
....more bad joke banter......
Long Distance Runaround
You Got The Light
...80's,argentina tour banter and intro to ..
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Piano Medley ;
    Yours is no Disgrace>
    Close to the Edge>
    ? >
    Heart of the Sunrise >
    Marry me Again >
    The Revealing Science of God
And You And I
.....reminiscences banter........
Tony and Me
Your Move
Sun is Calling > State of Independence
Wonderous Stories
A Day in the Life
Give Love Each Day

Jon Anderson Guitar, piano, ukelele,
         unidentified string instrument
         with a very narrow neck (on
         "Flight of the Moorglade"           

what a fun show. Jon looked great and sounded
just fine He's still the old Jon, radiating
good vibes from on stage and the crowd
just sent it straight back to him.(It's fair
to say most of us were "a certain age" 
He played songs from most of his back
catalogue including a few I'd
forgotten/blocked out along the way  :>)

There were a few gremlins along the way,
mostly a loose guitar lead which caused a lot
of buzzing at times.The guitar trouble seemed
to start after a battery change to his guitar
during "Starship Trooper" (hence the split in
track).The buzzing starts just into "Long
Distance Runaround" Everything was fixed
during the piano medley.

The bouncers were moving all over the venue
tonight which I've never seen before at
the factory. A girl directly in front of me
was busted by security for (presumably)
taping....there was very little mobile phone
recording going on (thankfully,fed up with
screens shining everywhere around grumble
grumble, bah humbug)

Jon did a great job reinterpreting his
classic songs although sometimes you found
yourself thinking "where's the big guitar/
keyboard riff? (say like on "Science of God"
or "Soon") but maybe that was just me  LOL


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