Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Black Crowes 1997-02-20 Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium

Cleaning the polluted Crowes waters with source material!

The Black Crowes
February 20, 1997
Ancienne Belgique
Brussels, Belgium

Source: Audience DAT

Recording Information: Casio DAR-100 & Aerco preamp with Microtech Gefell SMS 2000
microphones and M 210 capsules. Recorded 80 feet dead center from the stage.

Taper: Michael Rathbun

Lineage: DAT Master>Digital DAT Clone>WAV>FLAC

Mastering Information: DAT converted to Wave optically via a Prodiff 96 digital
soundcard into Wavelab. Downsampled from 48kHz to 44.1kHz in Wavelab. Individual Wave
tracks created in Wavelab. Wave files converted to FLAC (level 8) using FLAC Frontend.

I have listed below the tracks broken out into what I think would be a correct split to
span the show over two 74 or 80 minute CDRs, as the naming convention of the FLAC files
suggest. Note that the last track on Disc 1 and the first track on Disc 2 can be joined
together without a loss of continuity.

DISC 1: 66:01

1. Wiser Time
2. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
3. Thick N' Thin
4. She Gave Good Sunflower
5. Descending
6. Spider In The Sugar Bowl Blues
7. Jam
8. NonFiction
9. Sloppy Drunk

DISC 2: 40:59

1. Blackberry
2. Sting Me
3. One Hundred Years From Now
4. Good Friday
5. No Speak No Slave
6. Sometimes Salvation
7. Torn And Frayed
8. Remedy

Notes: Additional Show Information @ http://www.crowesbase.com/tapelisting.cfm?TapeID=31

The first 15 seconds or so of the opening song "Wiser Time" is missing from the
recording; this is due to the recording equipment being starting a bit late.

Torrent uploaded to bt.etree.org on 4/27/06.

Please do not manipulate this recording in any way. Please do not dub to analog tape
or convert to MP3 and circulate.

If you are to trade this show, or do a blank CDR+postage offer, please list the lineage
to keep the generational waters clean!

If you would like to re-seed this torrent in the future, please use the exact files contained
in the torrent with no file manipulation. This will insure that the FLAC fingerprints
and MD5 hashes verify, keeping the integrity of the torrent intact.

"A Spider-Web Torrent"


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