Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Townes Van Zandt 1994-11-06 Haus Der Jugend Ludenscheid, Germany

Townes Van Zandt
Haus Der Jugend
Ludenscheid, Germany
WDR Radio Broadcast / AUD

Here's an FM recording that I don't recall where I got it from and is already circulating. I did acquire a few old tapes some years ago and on one
of them were four audience recorded tracks from this same show. Three of these tracks were not heard on the FM broadcast (the 4th, Pancho
And Lefty was), so I include them here.

lineage for these aud. tracks: BASF CSII tape >audacity to wav >dBPoweramp to FLAC

01. intro
02. Dollar Bill Blues
03. Pancho And Lefty
04. Katie Belle Blue
05. If I Needed You
06. Marie / Kathleen
07. Still Looking For You
08. Dead Flowers
09. For The Sake Of The Song
10. You Are Not Needed Now / outro

11. Two Girls
12. Tecumseh Valley
13. No Place To Fall


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