Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Warren Zevon 1996-10-13 The Bluebird Denver, CO

Warren Zevon
in Denver, CO


Dime a Dozen Notes:

Lineage and Origin: unclear, circulated to archive and other places, with a credit to "Brian."
This definitely sounds like a soundboardÉput on headphones, and you'll swear you're sitting on Warren's piano. It's STAGE close, and very nice.
Dr. Babyhead offers some musical accents (sax on "Excitable Boy") on what is essentially a solo show.

What makes this one especially appealing are the little bits of strange cover material. Here, the introduction for "Excitable Boy" is about 40 instrumental seconds of the eerily cheery murder ballad "Mack the Knife" from "Threepenny Opera."
More valuable and amusingÉWarren strums his guitar for a ripely sincere two minute version of Paul Anka's "My Way."
Likewise, you can almost imagine Warren in the spotlight, surrounded by darkness, for Bob Dylan's "Ring Them Bells," another two minute wonder.
AND there's also the moody American standard, "You Don't Know What Love Is." So you've got Warren in pretty blue mood at The Bluebird!

01. Mr. Bad Example
02. Carmelita > [banter and Dr. Babyhead intro]
03. [banter] > Figurine
04. Piano Fighter
05. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
06. [banter]
07. Don't Let Us Get Sick
08. Bujumbura
09. Play It All Night Long
10. [instrumental intro to...]
11. Boom Boom Mancini
12. [banter] > You Don't Know What Love Is  [Raye/DePaul]
13. Mack the Knife   [Blitzstein/Brecht/Weill] > Excitable Boy
14. Werewolves of London
15. My Way  [Anka/Francois/Revaux/Thibault]
16. Lawyers, Guns and Money
17. Ring Them Bells  [Dylan]
18. Mohammed's Radio
. Track 19 on the original was not from the show but an add on from an actual album so that has been removed.


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