Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Yes 1987-12-09 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada

Yes 1987-12-09 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada

Source:   Master Cassette/Digitized with Sound Forge/WAV/FLAC

Audience recording

01 Almost Like Love
02 Hold On
03 Heart Of The Sunrise
04 Big Generator
05 Changes
06 Shoot High Aim Low
07 Holy Lamb
08 Solly's Beard
09 Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart
10 Yours is no Disgrace
11 Nous Sommes du soleil
12 Amazing Grace
13 And You And I
14 Wurm
15 Love Will Find A Way
16 I've Seen All Good People
17 Roundabout

First boot I ever recorded on my original Sony Walkman and factory mic.
We were seated in the greys ( high and back from the stage) so the fact that
the sound turned out quite decently is a testament to Yes' excellent sound crew
and the Gardens venue (I always like the sound there). Anyway the sound is
 solid until the last 4 songs and then there seems to be some deterioration in
quality (less volume and more hiss). I am not sure if the original sound was better
and the 2nd of the 2 concert master tapes has gotten old. I seem to remember being
afraid to set the volume too high at the time and that may have caused it.
Anyway enjoy, it is the 20th anniversary of the Generator tour this fall!!


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