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Yes 2011-08-04 Humphrey's Concerts By the Bay Shelter Island, San Diego CA

Humphreys Concerts By the Bay
Shelter Island, San Diego CA
Lineage: Third row center > Blue Mikey > iPhone 3GS using Blue FiRe > Audacity for trim and track cuts, saved as wavs > xACT for FLAC conversion and checksum > to You and I.
No sound processing other than conversion.
Benoit David, vocals, acoustic guitar and incidental percussion
Geoff Downes, keyboards
Steve Howe, guitars
Chris Squire, basses and pedals, vocals
Alan White, drums and electronic percussion
1.01 Pre-concert Ambience (2.12)
1.02 FFH Overture (prerecorded) (1.52)
1.03 Tempus Fugit (6.13)
1.04 Yours Is No Disgrace (13.40)
1.05 Heart Of The Sunrise (9.02)
1.06 I've Seen All Good People (7.39)
1.07 We Can Fly From Here (7.14)
1.08 And You And I (11.51)
2.01 Intersection Blues (3.58)
2.02 Into The Storm (8.34)
2.03 Machine Messiah (12.17)
2.04 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6.39)
2.05 Starship Trooper (14.06)
2.06 Roundabout (11.21)

If burning to CD, a good place to split this show is after 08-And You And I. The end of that track is 63 minutes into the show.
Recording notes:
This was the end of the Progressive Tour (July - August) across the US. The previous night in Mountain View was the last shared bill with Styx; this night was Yes-only. The band filled out the setlist by adding Steve's acoustic solo, debuting Into The Storm, and adding Machine Messiah. Tempus Fugit began with Steve energetically jumping up and down to count out the start. The crowd was completely engaged throughout the show, which fed the band to give a great performance.
Humphreys is a high stage with the speaker cabinets placed under the front of the stage rather than stacked on the sides. Sound levels in the third row were pretty high so there is not much in way of dynamics or stereo separation in this recording. This was my first night using the Mikey/iPhone combination that I was able to capture a full concert. A little capsule handling noise is present here and there.
This is definitely an audience recording. The audience was really into this show, a few times to the point of distraction as your can hear. For some reason Californians seem to have an urge to blurt out their feelings to complete strangers. When Benoit is introducing AYAI and mentions it is from 1972, the woman in front shouts "Class of '72!". I was afraid that she was going to describe her whole high school career in finite detail to everyone within six rows. As the majesty of the song unfolds, however, she quietens. All in all, the crowd was either up on their feet clapping along and whooping, or sitting and listening intently. They responded with sustained cheers for the encore. As the band mentions, a nice way to wrap the tour.
- vin2010, Aug 18, 2011


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