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Yes 2013-03-16 The Venue Hammond, Indiana

Three Album Tour
The Venue
Hammond, Indiana

Two Source Stereo Matrix

Recorded by: ravingandrooling
Mastered by: MOB
Artwork by: Moonwall

Source 1
DPA 4061's - UBB - Sony M10

Source 2
CA14c - UBB - Sony M10

Disc One
1. Intro (Firebird Suite)
2. Close To The Edge
3. And You And I
4. Siberian Khatru
5. Going For The One
6. Turn Of The Century
7. Parallels
8. Wonderous Stories

Disc Two
1. Awaken
2. Yours Is No Disgrace
3. Clap
4. Starship Trooper
5. I've Seen All Good People
6. A Venture
7. Perpetual Change
8. Roundabout


I had been looking forward to the Hammond Indiana show for what seemed like ages.  The interactive seating chart offered my choice of seats the day tickets went on sale months earlier, so I was able to locate myself in the sweet spot. 

As I was attending this show solo, the four hour drive was boring but thankfully uneventfull.  Checked into the hotel, triple checked my gear and headed out.  The Venue is located in the Horseshoe Casino on the Lake Michigan shore, just south of the city of Chicago.  My spot on the seventh floor of the casino's parking structure offered a dramatic view of the downtown skyline.  Walking through the casino to get to "The Venue" I was alternately fascinated and disgusted.  Making my way through the endless rows of slot machines, the patrons reminded me of the bar scene from Star Wars and the smell of cigarette smoke permeated everything.  Hell, I've been known to partake of the occasional Marlborough Light and it even disgusted me! In stark contrast, the concert venue was everything the casino was not.  Clean, fresh smelling, luxuriously appointed and intimate.  Things were looking up.  I was one of the first people let in, so killed some time wandering around checking out the sight lines from all locations.  I could not find a bad seat in the house and the two giant big screens on either side of the stage were sure to enhance the experience. 

The band walked on stage to the opening strains of Firebird Suite giving me goosebumps!  The sound at the beginning of the opening song was a little "mushy" but was quickly rectified.  The set list for tonight's Three Album Tour show was Close to the Edge, Going for the One, a twenty minute intermission, followed by The Yes Album and Roundabout for the encore. 

Steve Howe was the undisputed star of the evening.  Chris Squire's thundering bass and Alan White's steady drumming kept the rhythm's moving at a nice pace.  Geoff Downes did an admirable job on the keys.  Given his recent personal tragedy, it's amazing he is even touring and Jon Davison was incredible.  Easily hitting the highest of notes, he made the lyrics his.  He seems to be more at home with the band and it showed in his interaction with the audience.  High fiving people in the front row and calling out an enormous dancing sasquatch in the VIP section, he brought a lot of energy to the performance. 

Perhaps bolstered by the promise of receiving a copy of the show, the folks around me were relatively respectfull and had little negative impact on the recording. 


Remastering notes:

Both raw recordings from ravingandrooling were already spectacular. My remastering was therefore limited to very careful EQ in order to bring more presence, and levels adjustment. I remastered the two sources separately. The main characteristics of Source 1 (DPA4061) were a very warm sound, good definition in the bass notes from Chris, and thundering bass drum kicks from Alan. The high frequencies were also very detailed in this first source. For Source 2 (CA14c), the strength was more in the guitars, keyboards and vocals. Therefore the 2 recordings were perfectly complementary. As a result, the matrix of these 2 sources sounds better than each separate source.  Enjoy!



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