Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yes 2013-04-09 Beacon Theatre, NYC

H2Next 96khz/24bit->HD->Fission->Pro Audio Converter w/verification-> 44khz/16bit Flac8

This is one great YES concert the Beacon, NYC, April 9th, 2013. One of the best
I've ever heard from them. This was recorded from the 5th row, 1st balcony, center section.
It's just above the loge seating below. There are huge speakers hanging from the ceiling
at the Beacon so the sound levels and mix are good from this position. Downe's keyboards
are a little low in volume at points but Steve's guitar just seemed to flow from the stage!

I used a Zoom H2Next with low-cut filter, limiter (concert), auto-gain (concert) which
seemed to work out well. There is no swooshing sound like previous auto-gain circuits might have created.
There was about a twenty minute intermission following "Perpetual Change" and the
performance of "Going for the One." Enjoy!

(This is my first shared torrent file EVER, so feel free to give me any suggestions.
The original 96/24 file sounds rich and I'm hoping not too much is lost in the downsampling

Beacon Theatre, NYC
April 9th, 2013

Jon Davison--vocals/acoustic guitar
Geoffrey Downes--keyboards
Steve Howe--guitars
Chris Squire--bass
Alan White--drums

1. Firebird Suite
2. Close to the Edge
3. And You and I
4. Siberian Khatru
5. Yours is No Disgrace
6. The Clap
7. Starship Trooper
8. I've Seen All Good People
9. A Venture
10. Perpetual Change
11. Going for the One
12. Turn of the Century
13. Parallels
14. Wonderous Stories
15. Awaken
16. Intro/Roundabout


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