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Dire Straits 1985-08-17 Summit Theatre Houston, TX

Dire Straits 1985-08-17 Summit Theatre Houston, TX
A soundboard/fm recording

Lineage : Unknown Gen CDR->EAC->Wav->Flac

Title : The Complete Houston - BT1 Version

Note : on my copy I found that "Brothers In Arms" began late in the intro.

So after listening to my other <incomplete> sources I choose the one from the liberated bootleg "One world".
I used the intro only, the rest of the song is from Complete Houston who has better sound.

Of course if you get a superior version than mine a new torrent will be welcome.

Coasternut Notes (2005-12-03):

Disc 2 Tracks 4 and 5 had SBEs.  Fixed with Flac Frontend.

Track List

Disc 1

01.  Ride Across The River 10:42
02.  Expresso Love 06:27
03.  One World 04:44
04.  Romeo and Juliet 10:42
05.  Private Investigations 08:09
06.  Sultans of Swing 12:32
07.  Why Worry 05:02
08.  Walk Of Life 04:38

Disc 2

01.  Two Young Lovers 05:12
02.  Money For Nothing 07:56
03.  Wild wWest End 10:01
04.  Tunnel Of Love 18:43
05.  Brothers In Arms - BT1 Enhanced 08:12
06.  Solid Rock 05:34
07.  Going Home (Local Hero) 04:48

Sorry no ART for this one - and to avoid any confusion, this version being a *new one*, I won't use an existing one.
If somebody is interested by creating one, please state "BT1 release" to clearly identify the source.



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