Monday, July 10, 2017

Yes 2014-05-26 Phoenixhalle Mainz, Germany

1st golden rule on a prog concert: there are always couples where the guy has to explain something to the girl every ~2 minutes (e.g. what a pedal steel guitar is, on which records the keyboard player was on,...).

2nd golden rule: one of those couples is located right before me or by my side (or both).

But luckily Yes played loud so it didn't affect the recording too much. The sound is not overwhelming but good.

The tempos could be faster, of course, but they've done slower before (or have I got used to it?). Songs like "Parallels" and "Perpetual Change" suffer most from lush playing - during the latter Alan White obviously fell asleep (3:29). Another laugh is Jon Davison's first vocal cue ("close to the edge" @ 1:42): dedicated to Benoit David!

After all they played rather good if you don't compare it to "Total Mass Retain"  (the bonus 7" version from the CTTE cd).

Setlist (as you might have guessed):

00 [Audience]  1:23
01 The Firebird Suite  2:59
02 Close to the Edge  19:39
03 And You and I  11:29
04 Siberian Khatru  10:02
05 [Announcement: Going For The One]  1:10
06 Going for the One  6:04
07 Turn of the Century  8:44
08 Parallels  6:35
09 Wonderous Stories  4:48
10 Awaken  17:46
11 [Announcement: The Yes Album]  1:29
12 Yours Is No Disgrace  10:32
13 Clap  3:42
14 Starship Trooper  11:18
15 I've Seen All Good People  7:31
16 A Venture  4:58
17 Perpetual Change  9:55
18 [Encore Call]  2:53
19 Roundabout  11:24

total: 2:34:31

Zoom H1 -> SD Card (WAV 44hHz/24bit) -> PC -> mastering (wavelab) -> WAV 44/16 -> flac
level up, removed some disturbing mid frequencies
row 16, seat 8 (~20 m, left)

recorded and prepared by endoplasmatic wannerl

have fun!


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