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*David Bowie 1990-08-13 Les Arenes, Frejus, France(HUG005DVD)

David Bowie  1990-08-13 Les Arenes, Frejus, France , audience dvd

Les Arenes, Frejus, France

Author: steve23yh
Video Source: audience
Lineage: first/second generation VHS > direct VHS-DVD transfer > DVD created using Ulead DVD Movie Factory V4
Menu: yes
Chapters: yes
Transfer Rate: 7mb/s
Format: PAL / 25fps
Audio: Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 
Number of Discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD5
Total Running Time: 1:31:13

Notes: Bought this one on eBay, the seller faithfully reporting that it as lo gen (which I'm very happy to accept).

Transferred by direct wire from VHS to DVD recorder, then recompiled using Ulead Movie Factory.

It’s recorded from stage leftnot too far back in the crowd.  It's quite wobbly and the video is very bright, tending towards bleaching (so fairly typical hand VHS for the time).  But the sound is very good.


1. Ode To Joy Intro
2. Space Oddity
3. Rebel Rebel
4. Ashes To Ashes
5. band intros
6. Life On Mars?
7. Stay
8. Pretty Pink Rose
9. Blue Jean
10. Let's Dance
11. Sound + Vision
12. Ziggy Stardust
13. China Girl
14. Station To Station
15. Young Americans
16. Suffragette City
17. Fame 90
18. Heroes
19. Changes
20. The Jean Genie/Gloria

Torrent History:

Uploaded to Mind-Warp PaVilion by steve23yh on 2012-10-04.
Uploaded to Bowie Station by steve23yh on 2015-06-06.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

*Iron Maiden 1981-04-26 Groenoordhal Leiden, Holland

Iron Maiden
Leiden, Holland
April 26, 1981

Disc 1
01) The Ides Of March
02) Wrathchild
03) Purgatory
04) Sanctuary
05) Remember Tomorrow
06) Another Life
07) Genghis Khan
08) Killers
09) Innocent Exile
10) Murders In The Rue Morgue
11) Twilight Zone
12) Phantom Of The Opera
13) Iron Maiden
14) Running Free
15) Transylvania
16) Drifter

TAPER: Unknown

SOURCE: Unknown

DURATION: 72 minutes


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

*Yes 1987-11-14 Omaha Civic Auditorium Arena Omaha, Nebraska

Here is another CD set from the master tapes (gee, its nice to be friends with a taper with decent equipment). This is a good sounding first show of the Big Tour. It features Final Eyes and I'm Running which were dropped after a week or so into the tour. There was a tape flip at the end of Heart Of The Sunrise and at the start of Owner Of A Lonely Heart..

lineage: Walkman Pro > PC > SoundForge > CD > FLAC

Omaha Civic Auditorium Arena
Omaha, Nebraska
Nov. 14, 1987

lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye, Alan White

CD 1
1. Almost Like Love (instrumental intro)
2. Rhythm Of Love
3. Hold On
4. Yours Is No Disgrace
5. Final Eyes
6. Heart Of The Sunrise
7. Solley's Beard
8. Love Will Find A Way
9. I've Seen All Good People
10. Shoot High Aim Low

CD 2
1. Big Generator
2. And You & I
3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
4. Amazing Bass
5. I'm Running
6. Holy Lamb / Wurm
7. Roundabout




Monday, August 10, 2015

*Yes 1979-04-23 University of Illinois Champaign, IL

University of Illinois
Champaign, IL.

Lineage: Soundboard -> pre-FM tape (?) -> Maxell XLII cassette -> 24 bit 48 kHz transfer -> downsampled -> FLAC
Quality: A, with some tape hiss

Britten/Williams intro
Siberian Khatru
Heart of the Sunrise
Future Times/Rejoice (short glitch at about 4:56)
Circus of Heaven
Anniversary Announcement
Anniversary Medley (incomplete - Time and a Word, Long Distance Runaround)
Announcer outro (best guess, this is a studio tape of a broadcast from a campus radio station)


*Yes 2013-05-25 Teatro Vivo Rio Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Teatro Vivo Rio
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Lineage: Aud > Oade Bros. Hi-res micro binaural mics > Zoom H4n > WAV 44,100 Hz 24-bit > Audacity > WAV 44,100 Hz 16-bit > TLH > FLAC (44.1 kHz 16-bit, CD-READY)

Performed by: Davison, Howe, Downes, Squire & White
Compositions by: Anderson, Howe, Squire, Bruford, Wakeman, White and Kaye

01. Firebird Suite 
02. Close To The Edge 
03. And You And I 
04. Siberian Khatru 
05. Going For The One 
06. Turn Of The Century 
07. Parallels 
08. Wondrous Stories 
09. Awaken 
10. Yours Is No Disgrace 
11. Clap 
12. Starship Trooper 
13. I've Seen All Good People
14. A Venture
15. Perpetual Change
16. Roundabout

Running time: 2 h 32 min.


Saturday, August 8, 2015

*Grateful Dead 1980-09-02 War Memorial Auditorium Rochester, New York

Grateful Dead
September 2, 1980
Rochester, New York
War Memorial Auditorium

"Mason B. Taylor was a taper from Chicago that recorded concerts by many bands in the Chicagoland area and on Dead tours. He used a Nakamichi 550 with Nakamichi 300 mics with shotgun capsules for most of his earlier recordings. In later years he used Sony D-5 and Sony D-3 cassette recorders with Nakamichi 300 mics.

Mason captured spectacular musical moments and loved to share them with his closest friends. In honor of Mason and all the love he put into his recordings we are now able to share these moments with those who can appreciate them most.

As the shows get uploaded we would love for you to share your stories about the epic times the music evokes so we can all dial back into that moment when the magic was happening.

Thanks to Mason’s family and his Chicago and Cleveland friends for opening up Mason’s Jar…"

Recorded By Mason Taylor on a Nakamichi 550 Cassette Deck,
on chrome tapes, with Nakamichi microphones.

Transferred on Mason's restored Nak500 properly.

Set 1:
s1t01 New Minglewood Blues
s1t02 Sugaree ->
s1t03 El Paso
s1t04 Friend Of The Devil
s1to5 Tuning
s1t06 It's All Over Now
s1t07 China Cat Sunflower ->
s1t08 I Know You Rider ->
s1t09 Lost Sailor ->
s1t10 Saint Of Circumstance ->
s1t11 Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
s2t01 Althea
s2t02 C C Rider
s2t03 Tuning
s2t04 Ship Of Fools
s2t05 Estimated Prophet/ ->
s2t06 /Terrapin Station ->
s2t07 Playin' In The Band ->
s2t08 Drums ->
s2t09 Space ->
s2t10 Iko Iko ->
s2t11 Morning Dew ->
s2t12 Sugar Magnolia
s2t13 Tuning
missing A/labama Getaway


Friday, August 7, 2015

*Black Sabbath 1972-03-15 The Forum, Inglewood, Ca

Black Sabbath 1972-03-15 audience
The Forum, Inglewood, California, US
Ace Of Spades "LA FORUM 1971-1972" part 2
commercial CDR-limited 50 copies only

lineage - unknown audience generation > CDR > EAC wav > TLH flac 8

201 N.I.B.
202 tomorrow's dream
203 war pigs
204 iron man
205 snowblind
206 wicked world
207 guitar solo
208 jam
209 drum solo
210 guitar solo 2
211 wicked world reprise
212 children of the grave
213 paranoid
214 fairies wear boots

art,md5,ffp eac log included


*Black Sabbath 1974-02-23 Bowen Field House Ypsilanti MI


Torrent: 251357
Title: Black Sabbath live in Ypsilanti 1974 - a luciferburns tape..needs help
with the venue
Size: 302.24 MB
Category: Heavy Metal
Uploaded by: blacklarbot
Fri May 29, 2009


Torrent: 326042
Title: Black Sabbath 1974-02-23 Ypsilanti MI - Bowen Field House [RESEED]
Size: 302.24 MB
Category: Heavy Metal
Uploaded by: jamroom
Sun Oct 10, 2010

Black Sabbath
Bowen Field House
Ypsilanti MI

Opening acts: Bedlam (Cozy Powell on drums)

from unkn. gen tape


01 [02:49] Tomorrows Dream
02 [05:19] Sweet Leaf
03 [05:17] Killing Yourself To Live
04 [04:32] Snowblind
05 [07:03] War Pigs
06 [05:17] Sabbra Cadabra
07 [08:18] Solos->Sometimes I'm Happy
08 [01:51] Supernaut
09 [05:42] Iron Man
10 [06:56] Sabbra Cadabra
11 [02:27] Paranoid

Total [55:31]

[jamroom notes] This show was originally uploaded by blacklarbot and I only
added this text file and the ffp.

[lamplight notes] THIS IS AWESOME!! I was at this show, and it was great! BEDLAM
was great opening act, and I had seen them earlier that year at COBO HALL as
well. It was strange because the main overhead lights were on with NO COLOR
LIGHT SHOW, because the sound system buzzed like millions of bees when they
tried to use the light show. When they turned those off, and used only the
overhead Field house lights, NO BUZZ.. but it was harsh with all the light.. It
was February 23, 1974 at Bowen Field House.. Thanks for sharing this show!! I
REALLY APPRECIATE your work to get this out!!!

[ notes, courtesy of Rob Dwyer] A mostly complete, but fair
quality (at best) audience recording. A thick layer of tape hiss sits atop an
already thin sounding amateur recording from the ’74 U.S. tour. I’d take this
one over the West Palm Beach only because (1) it’s much more complete and (2) it
doesn’t have an annoying phasing problem. But along with the Alexandra Palace
’73 tape, this tape IS a contender for worst sounding live tape for the SBS

The usual encore of “Embryo” / “Children Of The Grave” is missing here, either
because the band didn’t perform it OR the taper simply didn’t capture it.

This tape often gets listed as ‘Pease Auditorium’ or ‘Rynearson Stadium’ in
Ypsilanti, MI on April 20th, 1974, but none of this info is correct. I spoke
with Ron Reed at Pease Auditorium, who provided me the correct venue and date –
Bowen Field House on February 23rd, 1974.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

*Greg Kihn Band 1981-00-00 Agora Ballroom, Atlanta, GA

Greg Kihn Band
Agora Ballroom, Atlanta, GA
unknown date, possibly late 1981

BBC Rock Hour #315, Version A
London Wavelength's Broadcast Week of April 11, 1982

Original pre-FM vinyls > Audacity > Wav > Flac

01. BBC Rock Hour 315 intro
02. When The Music Starts
03. Rendezvous
04. Womankind
05. Commercial - Dannon Yogurt
06. Commercial - Miller Beer - Gary U.S. Bonds
07. Desire Me
08. Can't Stop Hurting Myself
09. Sheila
10. BBC Rock Hour 315 Break
11. Commercial - Miller Beer - Jimmy Buffett
12. The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)
13. Beside Myself
14. Magic Bus > Cold Hard Cash
15. BBC Rock Hour 315 Break
16. Commercial - Dannon Yogurt
17. Commercial - Miller Beer - Eddie Rabbitt
18. BBC Rock Hour Break
19. True Confessions
20. Roadrunner
21. BBC Rock Hour 315 Outro

Total time: 54:03

Greg Kihn - guitar, vocals
Dave Carpender - guitar, vocals
Gary Phillips - keyboards, vocals
Steve Wright - bass, vocals
Larry Lynch - drums, vocals

draftervoi's original notes:
Commercials are tracked for easy elimination by those who don't find 'em of any interest, but I'll point out the Gary U.S. Bonds beer commercial is an imitation of a Bruce Springsteen production, all the way down to invoking a river in the lyrics.

Here in the Bay Area, Kihn got airplay from his very first single ("All The Right Reasons") and until just a few months ago was a popular disc jockey on a Bay Area radio station. He recently got control of his Beserkley catalog and has issued remastered tracks on Itunes.

I've included scans of the cue sheet and a disc label.
Cue sheet says host deejay is Dick Sheppard, track 01 says it's Carter Alan.

Many thanks to draftervoi for all his efforts and providing this show through his Voodoo Wagon blog.

Support the artists! Buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in October 2013.


*Bela Fleck & the Flecktones 2002-08-09 Bank Boston Pavilion - Boston, MA

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Bank Boston Pavilion - Boston, MA

Source: AKG C480b/CK61 > Denecke PS-2 > Zefiro Inbox > D100
Transfer: Tascam DA-30 mkII > S/PDIF > M Audio Microtrack 24/96 > WAV > Audacity > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC
Taper Unknown
Transferred & Seeded by Bill Graves

~ Disc 1 ~
1. Next
2. Off the Top
3. Costa Brava
4. Vix 9
5. Flight of the Cosmic Hippo *
6. Mars Needs Women
7. Victor Solo
8. Let Me Be the One
9. Futureman Solo

~ Disc 2 ~
1. Cheeseballs in Cowtown
2. Sherpa
3. A Moment So Close
4. Bela Solo
~ Encore ~
5. Crowd / Banter
6. Hoedown

*-w/Keller Williams


Sunday, August 2, 2015

"A Carolina Christmas" Various Artists 2009-12-08 The Biltmore Estate Asheville, North Carolina

"A Carolina Christmas"
Various Artists
live at
The Biltmore Estate
Asheville, North Carolina USA
December 18, 2009
National Public Radio/
WCRB HD-FM Boston broadcast
December 24, 2011

A Carolina Christmas
from the Biltmore Estate with Kathy Mattea;
Appalachian folk traditions, African-American spirituals, Celtic jigs, and more from America’s largest private home, The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Kathy Mattea and her band
VOX Choral Ensemble; David Tang, Director
Celtic and Baroque band The Beggar Boys
Abigail Haynes Lennox, soprano
Catrina Pegues, mezzo-soprano

"A Carolina Christmas, With Kathy Mattea
December 18, 2009 - Direct from the largest room in the largest private home in the country, WDAV and NPR present "A Carolina Christmas From Biltmore Estate, With Kathy Mattea" — a new special featuring classic and contemporary holiday songs.

The tradition of Christmas music at Biltmore Estate goes back to 1895, when on Christmas Eve, George Washington Vanderbilt officially opened his Asheville, N.C., vacation home — a sprawling French chateau surrounded by 8,000 acres of beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Grammy Award-winning singer Kathy Mattea and her band perform on a temporary stage set up in the Biltmore Banquet Hall beneath a 70-foot ceiling, surrounded by ancient tapestries and suits of armor, in front of a triple fireplace 30 feet across. With them, the choir VOX and the Celtic group The Beggar Boys perform new arrangements of songs from her two Christmas CDs, "Good News" and "Joy for Christmas Day". There are also traditional carols and up-tempo gospel tunes on the program, with guest singers Abigail Haynes Lennox and Catrina Pegues.

The show was recorded in front of a live audience with Jennifer Foster, midday host at Classical Public Radio 89.9 WDAV in Davidson, N.C., as emcee. Mattea says she's usually touring leading up to Christmas, and that the number of seasonal songs she performs each year has been gradually growing, with many of the well-known carols she's recorded arranged by her guitarist, Bill Cooley.

"A Carolina Christmas" mixes familiar Christmas carols like "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "I Saw Three Ships" with more recent holiday songs such as "Mary Did You Know?," "Good News," "Unto Us a Child Is Born" and "Straw Against the Chill." VOX conductor David Tang has provided new choral arrangements, accompanied by the fiddles, cello, guitar and pennywhistles of The Beggar Boys.

Mattea's band includes Bill Cooley on guitars, bassist Rick Blackwell and percussionist Jim Brock. Although she got her start in Nashville, and is often identified as a country singer, Mattea says she doesn't like to be pigeonholed into any one genre. She's been interested in Celtic folk music for many years, and during the concert played an Irish whistle on a song or two, joining Michael Albert of the Beggar Boys.

The concert comes to you from the magnificent Banquet Hall of Biltmore Estate, America’s largest private home, built by George Vanderbilt more than 100 years ago. First opened to friends on Christmas Eve 1895, this French Renaissance chateau is a veritable museum of original art, 16th-century tapestries, and priceless antiques. It is open to the public for tours – but very few people in the last 90 years have had the privilege of hearing music performed in that grand hall."


94:32 minutes


Disc 1 64:57 minutes
101 radio intro 0:39
102 Traditional: "I Saw Three Ships" 3:43
(arr. Kathy Mattea, Bill Cooley, David Tang)
Kathy Mattea, vocals and whistle; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass and vocals; Jim Brock, percussion; Larry Young, fiddle; Michael Albert, whistles; Henry Lebedinsky, mandolin; VOX choral ensemble

103 intro 2:20

104 Johann A.P. Schulz : "Thou Child Divine" 2:52
Larry Young, Baroque violin; Michael Albert, Baroque violin; Brian Howard, cello; Henry Lebedinsky, harpsichord; VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

105 Mark Sedio: "Let Our Gladness Have No End" 2:12
Michael Albert, Baroque violin; Brian Howard, cello; Henry Lebedinsky, harpsichord; VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

106 intro 1:14

107 Traditional: "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree" 3:49 (arr. Elizabeth Poston)
VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

108 Traditional: "Cherry Tree Carol" 4:43
(arr. Henry Lebedinsky)
Abigail Haynes Lennox, soprano; Larry Young, fiddle; Michael Albert, fiddle; Henry Lebedinsky, Irish guitar

109 John Jacob Niles: "I Wonder as I Wander" 3:44
(arr. by Christopher Delp)
VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

110 intro 2:06

111 Rob Matthes: "Good News" 6:28
(arr. by David Tang)
Kathy Mattea, vocals; VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor; Brian Howard, cello

112 intro 0:36
113 Bob Franke: "Straw Against the Chill" 5:12
Kathy Mattea, vocals and guitar; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass; Jim Brock, percussion; Michael Albert, whistles

114 Craig Bickhardt and Thom Schuyler:
"Unto Us a Child Is Born" 3:13
(arr. David Tang)
Kathy Mattea, vocals and whistle; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass; Jim Brock, percussion; Michael Albert, whistles; Henry Lebedinsky, mandolin; VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

115 intro 1:55

116 Adolphe Adam: "O Holy Night" 3:58
Abigail Haynes Lennox, soprano; Henry Lebedinsky, organ

117 intro 2:06
The Beggar Boys
118 Traditional: "Christmas Eve" 4:46
119 Traditional: "Ships are Sailing" 4:43
withAbigail Haynes Lennox, soprano
120 Traditional: "Collier's Reel" 3:50
(all arranged by The Beggar Boys:
Henry Lebedinsky, guitar; Larry Young, fiddle; Michael Albert, fiddle)
121 outro 0:36

Disc 2 29:35 minutes

201 intro 1:50
202 Javier Busto: "Ave Maria" 2:21
VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

203 Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene:
"Mary Did You Know?" 3:22
(arr. by David Tang)
Kathy Mattea, vocals and guitar; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass; Jim Brock, percussion; Michael Albert, whistles; VOX choral ensemble

204 Marten Lauridsen: "O Magnum Mysterium" 5:23
VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

205 outro 1:08

206 intro 0:21
207 Traditional:
"Glory Halleluia to the Newborn King" 2:24
(arr. by Mark Butler)
Catrina Pegues, mezzo-soprano;
VOX choral ensemble, David Tang, conductor

208 Trad: "Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child" 3:06 (arr. by David Tang and Bill Cooley)
Catrina Pegues, mezzo-soprano; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass; Jim Brock, percussion;
VOX choral ensemble
209 outro 0:32

210 John W. Work: "Go Tell it On the Mountain" 2:54 (arr. by Kathy Mattea, Bill Cooley and David Tang)
Kathy Mattea, vocals; Catrina Pegues, mezzo-soprano; Abigail Haynes Lennox, soprano; Bill Cooley, guitar; Rick Blackwell, bass; Jim Brock, percussion; Larry Young, fiddle; Michael Albert, fiddle, whistles; Brian Howard, cello; Henry Lebedinsky, mandolin; VOX choral ensemble
211 outro 0:38

212 encore intro 0:22
213 Traditional: "Christ Child Lullabye" 4:28
(arr. by Kathy Mattea and Dougie MacLean)
Kathy Mattea, vocals and guitar; Bill Cooley, guitar; Michael Albert, fiddle; VOX choral ensemble; Abigail Haynes Lennox, soprano
214 outro 0:40

Video trailer with still photos:

HD over FM broadcast
FM-HD tuner>PC>Soundforge>stereo 16-bit 44.1kbps WAV>tracked and edited in Soundforge>WAVs>SBEs repaired, checksum and FLAC-8 files created in Trader's Little Helper
A Zootype project, December 2011
flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on November 26, 2012, at 14:20:40

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*Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn 2015-04-10 Keswick Theater Glenside, PA

Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn
April 10, 2015
Keswick Theater
Glenside, PA

Source: Schoeps mk41 > KCY 250/5 Ig > Nbox Platinum > Sony M10 (24/48)
Lineage: Lexar Card Reader > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper (level 8) > tagged using Foobar2000
Location: Row B Seat 113

Taped and Transfered by Tapeworm