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Dire Straits 1985-10-06 Wang Center, Boston, MA

Dire Straits - 1985-10-06 Wang Center, Boston, USA.-"Two Young Lovers In Boston 1985"- An Enlight Remaster(AER10/061/2),stunning sound!!(samples included)

****Enlight 2010 remastered Version*****
Pancho's note (june-2010) :" a by me requested Enlight remaster of this (new2009) transfer turned into a stunning sound  for an audience recording,
clear , well balanced, and very close to soundboard, it gave me a new listening experience of this show, which i already loved so much,
thx a million Enlight!!"
CD 1 (AER10/061)

1. Ride across the river
2. Expresso love
3. One world
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Private investigations
6. Sultans of swing
7. Why worry
8. Walk of life
9. Two young lovers

CD 2 (AER10/062)

1. Money for nothing
2. Wild west end
3. Tunnel of love
4. Brothers in arms
5. Solid rock
6. Going home

remaster properties:

All tracks are volume-normalized separate, using an adaptive mode ( no peak to peak or replaygain is used)!,
some eq change are carefully made,. this make's the sound more "CLEAR" and less mud, .
I've used steve's and charlies's version,
and as allways nothing has been removed or add to the original recording for tapers repect !!

I split the original track-file's into 2 CD's, for easy burning .
Enlight note:

Great and powerfull show, One of DS best period during the USA part of tour (imho), the band is in a great mood, and plays all songs steady as a rock!

one of the best Walk of life version i have ever heard, at the beginning Mark yells: "allright......come on Boston" many boutiques?...(and something i cannot hear very well) in tights..."
before  the breakdown mark saying: : ""allright walking on the side here...walking in the middle there"


a great Expresso love,

Jack in a hurry to start two young lovers, Mark say they have to stay on track, so he stops talking( this can be heard at the end of "walk of life"

a 22 minute tunnel of love, with band introduction

and a great version of brothers in arms....

it's a thrill and a pleasure to upgrade shows like this for me, Pancho and all the fans!

This concert original recorded by Steve and Charlie,  gave us a new transfer of this 1985 Boston show (2009-07),
(so this is not an upgrade from the allready excisted "second night in Boston 85"or" Live at the wang center 85" bootlegs)

thx to Steve Rolfe  and  Charlie Miller for providing their recording

thx Pancho!

relive and enjoy fans

take care
Enlight update note:

never uploaded on dime before,
sorry for not sharing this with my fellow dimers untill now.
Its really a diamond, but it lost my attention through all years, its a shame i know.
but here it is...........

I gave this remaster the title "Two Young Lovers In Boston 1985"to avoid mix up with other version! (see below)
PLEASE don't use excisting cover-art from this date when sharing this somewhere , feel free to create an alternate-cover for this "Two Young Lovers In Boston 1985" remastered version!
and also feel free to kick my a** me for using the word "stunning" in the title...............softly please!!

Enjoy and take care
Enlight 2012-may


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