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Bob Dylan 1998-10-25 United Center Chicago, IL


Tambourine Man Records / TMR—014/15
United Center (Chicago, IL); October 25, 1998
Bonus tracks:North Shore Events Centre (Glenfield, Australia); September 7, 1998
Released: 2004

Disc one
Gotta Serve Somebody
I'll Remember You
Cold Irons Bound
Just Like A Woman (Bob on harp)
It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic)
Masters Of War (acoustic)
Don't Think Twice (acoustic)
Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)
Make You Feel My Love
Highway 61 Revisited
Love Sick

Disc two
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)
‘Til I  Fell In Love With You
Forever Young (acoustic)
Bonus tracks:
Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
Lay Lady Lay
You're A Big Girl Now
Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
The Times
She Belongs To Me

Disk One
01. Stück 1.flac:1815aa96d60cf74ba1e4175cd236446a
02. Stück 2.flac:c0c02bbef33d243d115b5e2e002b9830
03. Stück 3.flac:b074a65425e4604ad578a5e2103e39fb
04. Stück 4.flac:06aadd38155dbbb754132b083046d83a
05. Stück 5.flac:f98c418e05bd3c90785cd8bc96aa0788
06. Stück 6.flac:0aca9fde874c72091c215f292f23ee1c
07. Stück 7.flac:eca1a39515829571a9c12f7c282bb452
08. Stück 8.flac:4e3b72819a661f6206140643fbb47877
09. Stück 9.flac:de17a5b90c747cd86ab55abef314e7a6
10. Stück 10.flac:cb41d6d51c4c2ca01a1221da98480073
11. Stück 11.flac:3addec719da05256d1758b5005771d1c
12. Stück 12.flac:bafe98adaeb1f8317c2ce4f85eae1106

Disk Two
01. Stück 1.flac:40031613e51e54d2e6b3da3b3424ea08
02. Stück 2.flac:4694fca5869b99f75da33907d58a51d6
03. Stück 3.flac:9e45d6da7a1a9594ac4ab99a1221c7dc
04. Stück 4.flac:f4c7795e4361d04841e56b56b9a3c729
05. Stück 5.flac:cf9b7af0b13be3b75225127a286bbd59
06. Stück 6.flac:1569b4881d054f95006f908eaaa14a56
07. Stück 7.flac:cf837fab1f34fd018d134b9af725d975
08. Stück 8.flac:f54bb60788c0995d3684a2d08a06befb
09. Stück 9.flac:5451dbb801dbd3b70204ef379575894f
10. Stück 10.flac:201cb56dde852ce2fcf8ac61602a476e

Review from Bobsboots:

 10 stars  (Main)
 6½ stars  (Bonus)

This title claims to be a soundboard release, however, it is most likely through the air mic. The audio is great, and is of
a quality  comparable to soundboard. However, what truly makes this show magic Dylan's heartfelt performance. Its clear by
his banter that he's in a good mood (and for Dylan, that often translates to thoughtful, energetic singing). At this point,
he and the band are most comfortable with the Time Out Of Mind material, and seem to be inspired by the new songs. The only
problem with this release is the bonus material. The six audience recorded songs from the prior month are barely decent
quality, and it detracts from the great sound of the United Center. They vary in quality, but the rating shown is an average.
One highlight from that show is a clean, clear, acoustic version of  Forever Young. A highlight from the bonus material is
an emotional She Belongs To Me. Once again, there are sharp and vivid photos included in this TMR package along with
pleasing color schemes that make this a very nice looking release. Unfortunately, for all the effort that TMR has put into
this project, they misspelled the title. All in all it's a recommended purchase, however one suggestion for listening to
this title might be to play the bonus material in a separate sitting in order to allow the critical ear to enjoy the tracks.

From Monicasdude:

NOTE: Although the issuer sources the Chicago tracks to a line recording, that attribution is apparently incorrect; the tracks are likely drawn from a higher-grade audience recording. The conspicuous error in the title reflects the issuer's shoddy packaging practices.

rmd: Tambourine Man is without doubt the worst bootleg label to surface in a long time. I have yet to see TMR release something not already available. Everything is lifted from circulating fan projects, without remastering, and it is often badly edited. Their packaging, too, is very poor compared with other labels. (JTT/MC)


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