Monday, April 2, 2018

Black Crowes 2013-04-02 The Capitol Theater Port Chester, NY

The Black Crowes
04-02-2013 (Tues)
The Capitol Theater
Port Chester, New York

Source:  Microtech Gefell M210> Naiant Midbox (output transformers)>
         Oade Concert Mod Marantz PMD 661(@24bit/48khz)>SDHC card

Location:  BOB, DFC, under balcony
Config:  PAS, Mics on Stand @ 7.5'

Transfer:  SDHC>iMAC>Audiofile Wave Editor (+Gain, resample 48>44.1khz,      dither, 24>16bit, tracking)>xACT (Flac level 8, tags)

Taped, transferred, and seeded by Pete H. ( 

t01)  Twice As Hard
t02)  Sting Me
t03)  Thick And Thin
t04)  Hotel Illness
t05)  Medicated Goo
t06)  Ballad In Urgency>
t07)  Jam>
t08)  Wiser Time
t09)  She Talks To Angels*
t10)  Whoa Mule#
t11)  High Head Blues
t12)  Soul Singing
t13)  Thorn In My Pride
t14)  Remedy
t15)  Jealous Again
t16)  Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love)
t17)  E1:  Feathers
t18)  E2:  Hard To Handle> Hush> Hard To Handle

*  Jackie Greene on mandolin
#  Jackie Greene on banjo

Chris Robinson Ð vocals, harmonica
Rich Robinson - guitar, vocals
Jackie Greene Ð guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals
Adam MacDougall Ð keyboards
Sven Pipien Ð bass
Steve Gorman Ð drums, percussion


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