Monday, April 16, 2018

Joe Bonamassa 2010-11-27 Bill Heard Theatre Columbus, GA

Joe Bonamassa
Bill Heard Theatre - RiverCenter
Columbus, GA. USA

Audio Lineage
PMD-EMC-1 sound professionals standard binaural mics (croakie mount)  > Edirol R-09HR > SanDisk SD card > PC > CD Wave/Split > Flac level 8 > TLH > Torrent > You
( Raw Transfer - No Mastering or Editing or EQ )

01 cradle rock
02 so many roads
03 when the fire hits the sea
04 so its like that
05 if heartaches were nickels
06 slow train
07 steal your heart away
08 sloe gin / talks
09 ballad of john henry
10 happier times
11 never make your move to soon
12 great flood
13 young man blues
14 acoustic solo
15 woke up dreaming
16 mountain time
17 bird on a wire
18 just got paid

I am not familiar with all of the songs, so if any are wrong, please let me know

taper - jackflash
( JF 25 )

personal notes :
 Wow, I am the first to admit I wasnt familiar with Joe...( just a few shows I DL'd from here and his Royal Albert Hall DVD is all I have ). But that will change now. He blew me/us away . I am now a FAN...
 I usually video my shows , but I didnt this time...what a mistake .( kickin my own rear end ) ....but, I was able to get his acoustic medley and the encores on video ( great closeups ) , so I will "up" that as a bonus , if anyone is interested ? ? ?


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