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Levon and the Hawks 1964-00-00 Pop Ivy's Port Dover Ontario, Canada

LEVON & THE HAWKS - Port Dover ??/??/1964

Levon and the Hawks
Pop Ivy's
Port Dover
Ontario, Canada

Bootleg CD/CD-R released in 2000 on the Qpro label. Contains one of The Hawks' Sunday
night shows at Pop Ivy's Ballroom in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, 1964. They used to
play regularly at Pop Ivy's after the split from Ronnie Hawkins, with Jerry Penfound
as the sixth member on sax and flute. Taken from a 2-track tape recording that seems
to have circulated among die-hard collectors for many years. The tape is described in
detail in Levon Helm's autobiography. Several of the songs on the tape are cut.

Source: Mixing Desk > Tape/Cassette? > CD/CDR? > CDRs > EAC > FLAC Level 6

Sound is Poor to Quite Good

(ic = incomplete track)

Disc 1
   1. Not Fade Away
   2. A Sweeter Girl
   3. Lucille (ic)
   4. Peter Gunn
   5. Money
   6. You Don't Know Me
   7. Bo Diddley
   8. Forty Days
   9. Hoochey John Blues
  10. Robbie's Blues
  11. Kansas City
  12. Memphis Tennessee
  13. Please, Please, Please

Disc 2
   1. Short Fat Fanny
   2. You Can't Sit Down
   3. No Particular Place To Go
   4. Turn On Your Love Light
   5. High Heel Sneakers
   6. Women Love And A Man
   7. Blues Instrumental
   8. Slow Blues (ic)
   9. Do The Honky Tonk
  10. Twist And Shout
  11. Georgia On My Mind
  12. Women Love And A Man (ic)
  13. Share Your Love (ic)

Levon and the Hawks - Port Dover 1964 - 2000 - QPro 03/4


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