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Queen 1977-05-12 Broendby Hall Copenhagen, Denmark

BAND    : Queen
VENUE   : Broendby Hall
CITY    : Copenhagen
COUNTRY : Denmark
DATE    : May 12, 1977

TITLE   : "Invite You To A Night At The Warehouse"
FORMAT  : 2LP black vinyl
LABEL   : Stoned Records (STONED 5)
ORIGIN  : Sweden
RELEASE : 1977 (or 1978)
MATRIX  : STONED-5- MFD IN SWEDEN 1977 PED (A-53, B-54, C-515, D-516, all in upper case)
COVER   : Foldout color sleeve

AUD >  ? > vinyl > Micro Seiki DQX-500 (turntable) & AudioTechnica AT430E (stylus) > Terratec PHASE 88 Rack > WAV >
SoundForge 7 > Steinberg declicker plugin > dBpowerAMP > FLAC

Track List:

01 - Intro (0.48)         
02 - Tie Your Mother Down (3.52)         
03 - Ogre Battle (5.04)
04 - White Queen (As It Began) (6.10)
05 - Somebody To Love (5.28)
06 - Death On Two Legs (3.53)           

07 - Killer Queen (2.25)   
08 - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (2.27)
09 - The Millionaire Waltz (3.05)
10 - You're My Best Friend (2.03)
11 - Bring Back That Leroy Brown (1.24)
12 - Brighton Rock (11.59)

13 - '39 (3.56)
14 - You Take My Breath Away (3.23)
15 - White Man (5.29)
16 - The Prophet's Song (5.12)
17 - Bohemian Rhapsody (5.47)
18 - Stone Cold Crazy (2.13)

19 - Sweet Lady (3.54)
20 - Keep Yourself Alive (4.58)
21 - In The Lap Of The Gods (Revisited) (3.43)
22 - Now I'm Here (4.19)
23 - Liar (8.29)

Well, this seems be one of the Queen' rarest vinyl bootleg, at least in his form
of original Sweden vinyl press (priced at $240), in 1983 reissued on vinyl as Holland press (already rare) and
finnally transfered on CDs. This is the rip of the 1st vinyl press from original Sweden matrix. 

Sound quality:
very good audience recording,
microphones places a little too distant from stage,
the vinyl condition is perfect for all 4 sides.
I've not altered the original album sound, just applied a "soft" Steinberg declicker (single pass - default setup). No equalized.

Have fun ^_^ ........


seeded by Hawklords on EZT/DIME 2005-06-19

Note From Il Nordico:
For personal use I have put the tracks in the correct running order which means: "Death On Two Legs" after "Bring Back..."
and before "Brighton Rock", and "Stone Cold Crazy" after "Keep Yourself..." and before "In The Lap Of The Gods". Put together the
songs between the four LP sides. (2 side each on one CD). Try to fix the dropdowns in the second verse of "In The Lap Of The Gods"
And finally added some high and low frequencies to give the recording a deeper sound.

The linage will be:

Flac (as downloaded from "Qualitybootz") > Nero Wave Editor (for editing and fixing) > Nero Burner (with EQ for the High and Low ajustments) >

Silvers > Audio grabber to WAV > Flac Frontend level 8
Hopefully you like it as much as I do, but feel free to make your own remaster when you think it can be better!!

For the artwork I used the orginal LP Cover scans (download from Qualitybootz) and my own scans from the original dubble
pack CD. For the front cover I added two different versions, one for the single 2xCd box and one for a double pack 2xCD box.
Of course I also changed the tracking list in the "fixed" running order. Finnaly I changed "Complete Performance" in "In Complete Performance",
since the second and last encore "The famous Rock and Roll Medley" is missing!



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