Thursday, April 12, 2018

REM 1983-07-09 Larry's Hideaway Toronto, ON

**Remastered** by thir13en

Great early REM. A very wonderful trip back with these guys. One of the few bands that remained quite true to their humble start, rarely straying from the sound thread they created over one score ago. And though they've never had that urge to tangent as so many do, they still maintained a very high quality of songwriting and recording. And they're very cool live. Just ask Jelly Belly!

My wife is a big time REM fan, so when she saw I had this it got RM'd within a day. She's been enjoying it, now you can too. Excellent show, good sounding boot got even better. It was a bit flat, I brightened it up and gave it some ooomph.


REM - RisingRecorded live at Larry's HideawayToronto, Canada (July 9, 1983)01 Wolves Lower02 Moral Kiosk03 Laughing04 Pilgrimage05 Moon River06 There She Goes Again / Seven Chinese Brothers07 Talk About The Passion08 Sitting Still09 Harborcoat10 Catapult11 Pretty Persuasion12 Gardening At Night13 9-914 Just A Touch15 West Of The Fields16 Radio Free Europe17 We Walk18 1,000,00019 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)Source Info
Silver Bootleg CD Rising EAC->WAV->13->FLAC->You


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