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The Black Crowes 1995-05-18 Pantages Theatre Los Angeles, CA

The Black Crowes
Pantages Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
May 18, 1995

** 16 BIT **

Source:  Sonic Studios DSM-6P w/3-way lo-cut filter, position unknown (most likely @ 80hz, middle setting) > Sony WM-D6
Transfer:  Master cassettes (Maxell XL-IIS 100m) > Denon 790R > Kenwood A-522 amplifier > Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer > .WAV @ 16 bit/44.1 kHz
Mastering:  .WAV > Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299) [Copy good left channel over bad right channel with 50 ms delay; WAVES plugin PS22
            Spread (10) - Pensado Spatializer; iZotope Mastering Suite (declick); splicing, minor edits, normalize, & fades] > CDWav tracking) >
            Trader's Little Helper (level 5) > FLAC > TagScanner 5.1 (tagging)
Location:  DFC, row 15
Recorded & transferred by:  Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar
Mastered by:  Dennis Orr

01 High Head Blues (fade in)
02 Thick N' Thin
03 Could I've Been So Blind
04 Exit
05 Sister Luck
06 Jam >
07 Thorn In My Pride
08 Ballad In Urgency
09 Waitin' Guilty
10 Stare It Cold (1)
11 Hard To Handle (1)
12 Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone) (1)
13 No Speak No Slave
14 Encore Break
- Encore -
15 She Talks To Angels
16 P.25 London
17 Chat
18 Remedy

(1) With The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Chris Robinson - lead vocals & harp
Rich Robinson - guitars & backing vocals
Marc Ford - guitars & backing vocals
Johnny Colt - bass & backing vocals
Ed Harsch - keyboards
Steve Gorman - drums

Recording Notes: 
ONLY time hearing "Exit" live, "P.25" at a strange spot near the end.  HHB fades in and 3 songs have mic static, showing that repairs allegedly
done, weren't (Leonard traced it to a batch of bad wire).  "Jam > Thorn" is one of the bad spots, will update with the other 2 flawed songs.  I
still kick myself for going to Oakland for Page/Plant the next day vs. staying for that 3rd night.  Chris Keiper (Garcia) bailed, and there is
STILL no nice sounding audience recording from that night.
Rating:    8/10

Mastering Notes:
There were actually a lot more spots with static (caused as it turned out by a dirty input jack on the mics) than Steve first thought.  This show
already circulates, and as far as I know, it does so with the static.  For this "remaster", I decided to copy the good left channel over the
noisy right channel, with a 50 ms delay.  I then applied the WAVES plugin PS22 Spread (10) to create a wider stereo effect.
Tape flip at 9:05 of "Thorn In My Pride" - seamlessly spliced, but some music lost
Tape flip during "Encore Break" applause - seamlessly spliced, only applause lost


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