Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Rolling Stones1969-11-09 Oakland Coliseum Oakland, California

The Rolling Stones
November 9, 1969
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, California
Beelzebub Records Supreme Disc
Audience Recording and Soundboard

The online reviews call this an excellent audience recording. I'm not so sure about that. "I seed, you decide!" :) The soundboard disc is ok. The artwork and packaging is nice.

First Show - Audience Recording
101      Jumping Jack Flash
102     Prodigal Son
103     You Gotta Move
104     Carol
105     Sympathy For The Devil
106     Stray Cat Blues
107     Love In Vain
108     I'm Free
109     Under My Thumb
110     Midnight Rambler
111     Live With Me
112     Little Queenie
113     Satisfaction
114     Honky Tonk Women
115     Street Fighting Man

Second Show - Audience Recording
201      Jumping Jack Flash
202     Carol
203     Sympathy For The Devil
204     Stray Cat Blues
205     Prodigal Son
206     You Gotta Move
207     Love In Vain
208     I'm Free
209     Under My Thumb
210     Midnight Rambler
211     Live With Me
212     Gimme Shelter
213     Little Queenie
214     Satisfaction
215     Honky Tonk Women
216     Street Fighting Man

Second Show - Soundboard
301      Sympathy For The Devil
302     Stray Cat Blues
303     Prodigal Son
304     You Gotta Move
305     Love In Vain
306     Live With Me
307     Gimme Shelter
308     Little Queenie
309     Satisfaction

If anyone has any spare silver discs or music memorabilia, I can offer a generous trade from my very extensive bootleg cdr collection!


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