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The Cure 1981-12-01 Brighton Dome Brighton, Eng

The Cure
01.12.1981 Brighton - Dome (England)

Taped by: ??
Lineage: Trade cds - EAC - FLAC Level 8
Shared and upped by carnage @

1.-the drowning man
2.-in your house
3.-splintered in her head
4.-the funeral party
5.-the figurehead (early version)
7.-other voices
8.-at night
9.-the hanging garden (early version) (cut at the end)

10.-charlotte sometimes (fade in starts)
12.-play for today
13.-a forest

Encore 1:
15.-one hundred years (early version)
17.-killing an arab 

This is a very good concert to have. It was included in a serie of a eight appearances from the last leg of that 1981 Picture Tour. In this serie the band starts playing songs from the upcoming Pornography Album early 1982 and gave us some early version from The Fifugrehead, The Hanging Garden and 100 Years.

The sound is good, coming from al old tape, I don`t know which equipment was used in the transfer but it`s a good one. Unfortunatelly the last song, Killing and arad it cut almost at the end of the song :-(

The hanging garden is cut at the very end and one hundred years starts with a fade in, maybe a tape cut off during the recording or during the transfer.

Share this one and no recompress or trade in mp3 source!!!

For more info visit the excellent website for reference:

Seeded by carnagevisors:


Jeff Lynne's ELO 2014-09-14 Hyde Park London UK

Jeff Lynne's ELO - 2014-09-14 - BBC radio 2 - FM radio - hanoi
#Torrent name - Jeff Lynnes ELO - London UK Hyde Park 2014-09-14 FM hanoi

FM recorded by hanoi
Roberts FM radio > line in Roland R05 (16 bit/44.1 khz
Master > Adobe Audition (fade in/out, normalise) > CD wave > foobar/FL5 > TLH

Live from "Festival in a Day" at Hyde Park, London
FM broadcast on BBC radio 2

01 All Over the World
02 Evil Woman
03 Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
04 Showdown
05 Livin' Thing
06 Strange Magic
07 10538 Overture
08 Can't Get It Out of My Head
09 Sweet Talkin' Woman
10 Turn to Stone
11 Steppin' Out
12 Handle With Care
13 Don't Bring Me Down
14 Rock 'n' Roll Is King
15 Telephone Line
16 Mr. Blue Sky
17 Encore Break
18 Roll Over Beethoven

Billed as Jeff Lynne's ELO with the BBC Concert Orchestra; ELO's first performance since 2001, and first with Richard Tandy since 1986


ffp included for flacs


The Who 1973-12-03 Boston Garden Boston, Mass

the Who
Roger Daltrey: vocals
Pete Townshend: guitar
John Entwistle (the Ox): bass
Keith Moon: drums
Boston Garden
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
December 3, 1973
(Lynyrd Skynyrd opened)
performance quality: B to B+ (some songs better than others)
recording quality: C to B- (pretty average for 73 Who)
source: audience tape (probably either 1st or 2nd gen.)
runtime: 104:08 (minutes/seconds)
      disc 1 48:08
  1: I can't explain (cuts in)  2:10
  2: summertime blues  4:01
  3: my wife  8:15
  4: my generation  7:59
  5: quadrophenia > the real me  7:44
  6: the punk meets the godfather  5:10
  7: I'm one  3:56
  8: 5:15  8:49
      disc 2  37:44           
  9: sea and sand  7:32
  10: drowned  10:52
  11: bell boy  6:06
  12: Dr. Jimmy  8:10
  13: love, reign over me  5:54
  14: won't get fooled again  9:33
  15: pinball wizard  2:37
  16: see me, feel me  5:21
tape copy (1st or 2nd gen, Maxell XLII) >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (wav) >
flac > torrent.
first seeded in 2008. reseeded in 2010 with track times and a
flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
It's barely in stereo already.
But it is live Quadrophenia.
one of my 10 favorite tours ever.
  This is a complete Quadrophenia show from Boston Garden. It
is better in some parts than others, both in recording and
performance. Quality is about average for a 73 Who aud,
nothing great, but close to the source tape. I didn't notice anything
missing from the concert. Not my favorite My Wife (kinda
rough), but the Punk meets the Godfather, Dr. Jimmy,
the Real Me I'm one, 5:15 sea and sand, and drowned
sound pretty good in this show, and Roger sounds
very strong in See me, feel me. This is the longest
Keith show I've heard from Boston. Overall a good show,
for Quadrophenia probably not their best but still good.
If you prefer, disc 2 can be started with track 11.


NIRVANA 1994-02-10 Palais Des Sports Toulouse, France

February 10, 1994
Palais Des Sports
Toulouse, France

Equipment: unknown > unknown
AUD #1 - audience audio

ANA(1) > Cd-r(1) > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]

So your copy will be Cd-r(2)

cd1 - 01 - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
cd1 - 02 - Drain You
cd1 - 03 - Breed
cd1 - 04 - Serve The Servants
cd1 - 05 - Come As You Are
cd1 - 06 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
cd1 - 07 - Sliver
cd1 - 08 - Dumb
cd1 - 09 - In Bloom
cd1 - 10 - About A Girl
cd1 - 11 - Lithium
cd1 - 12 - Pennyroyal Tea
cd1 - 13 - School
cd2 - 01 - (Set change break)
cd2 - 02 - Polly
cd2 - 03 - Very Ape
cd2 - 04 - Lounge Act
cd2 - 05 - Rape Me
cd2 - 06 - Territorial Pissings
cd2 - 07 - (encore break)
cd2 - 08 - Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam
cd2 - 09 - All Apologies
cd2 - 10 - On A Plain
cd2 - 11 - Scentless Apprentice
cd2 - 12 - Heart-Shaped Box




Neil Young 1996-03-19 Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA Vol.2

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE (THE ECHOS) - Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, California, USA - 19.March 1996

Lineage: audience DAT master -> DAT clone -> Hucht Copyprocessor -> standalone Philips CD burner -> CDR -> EAC -> wav ->
         WavePad (fading, tracking) -> wav -> flac

Disc 1:
01 Country Home
02 Stupid Girl
03 Bite The Bullet
04 Barstool Blues
05 Wonderin'
06 Drive Back
07 The Losing End
08 Dangerbird
09 Like A Hurricane

Disc 2:
01 Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
02 Roll Another Number
03 Baby What You Want Me To Do?
04 The Old Country Waltz
05 Don't Cry No Tears
06 Down By The River
07 Powderfinger

Neil Young - vocals, guitar
Frank Sampedro - guitar
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums


Townes Van Zandt 1990-10-15 Trysull Village Hall, Staffordshire, UK

Townes Van Zandt
Trysull Village Hall, Staffordshire, UK
15 October 1990
Soundboard > cassette > CDR > EAC secure > flac8 > TorrentSpy
Sound quality A-, performance incredible.
Cover art included.

CD1: (1:12:50)
01 2:30 If I Needed You
02 3:13 Mr Mudd and Mr Gold
03 3:37 Buckskin Stallion Blues
04 5:35 Marie
05 6:31 Talking Thunderbird Blues
06 4:12 Pancho and Lefty
07 2:35 Lungs
08 4:26 To Live Is To Fly
09 4:18 Blaze's Blues
10 3:47 Short Haired Woman Blues
11 2:50 The Shrimp Song
12 2:43 Talking Karate Blues
13 4:05 Snowing On Raton
14 2:48 Loretta
15 3:52 Don't Take It Too Bad
16 3:26 Rake
17 3:23 Our Mother the Mountain
18 1:24 joke
19 4:13 Nothin'
20 3:12 No Place to Fall

CD2: (1:07:26)
01 6:21 Dollar Bill Blues
02 3:05 No Deal
03 2:52 Ain't Leaving Your Love
04 4:51 For the Sake of the Song
05 4:30 Kathleen > Waitin' Round to Die
06 5:02 Tecumseh Valley
07 2:52 No Lonesome Tune
08 4:10 Flying Shoes
09 4:01 The Catfish Song
10 4:57 The Hole
11 3:20 None but the Rain
12 4:21 Lover's Lullaby
13 4:00 White Freightliner Blues
14 8:43 Billy, Boney and Ma
15 4:15 Colorado Girl (Cut)


. . . m a r a s t h a . . .


KISS 1984-01-27 Long Beach Arena Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, CA (USA)
January 27, 1984
Lick It Up Tour

FLAC - Audience Recording
Nashwolverine Grade: A-

Paul sang lead vocals on Black Diamond.This is also the show that Gene refers to in the Kisstory book where Vinnie overextended his solo because he wanted to show off in front of his hometown fans. They had to go onstage and cut him after about 6 minutes.


Disc 1

Creatures of the Night
Detroit Rock City
Cold Gin
Fits Like A Glove
Paul Stanley Guitar Solo/Gimme More/Vinnie Vincent Guitar Solo
War Machine
Gene Simmons Bass Solo/I Love It Loud

Disc 2

I Still Love You
Eric Carr Drum Solo/Young And Wasted
Love Gun
All Hell's Breakin' Loose
Black Diamond
Lick It Up
Rock And Roll All Nite




Joe Bonamassa 2009-03-08 Turner Hall Milwaukee, WI(2nd source)

Joe Bonamassa
Turner Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 8, 2009

DPA 4022 > V3 > SD 702@ 24/48hz
CF > Audacity @16/44.1hz > CD wav > Flac (8)

DINa DFC FOB 9ft in air 50 yards from stage
Taper: Soling (

Run time: 123:25

(1) Ballad of John Henry
(2) Last Kiss
(3) So Many Roads
(4) Mountain Time
(6) Another Kind of Love
(6) Sloe Gin
(7) The Great Flood
(8) Lonesome Road Blues
(9) Happier Times
(10) Your Funeral My Trial
(11) Blues Deluxe *
(12) Woke Up Dreaming
(13) Just Got Paid > Dazed & Confused > Just Got Paid (reprise)
(14) Ball Peen Hammer
(15) Story of a Quarryman
(16) Asking Around For You **

* At times, the mains cut out to the house

** After the keyboard break, local 9 year old blues guitarist prodigy Tallan Latz took over the guitar duties.

Thanks to Joe Bonamassa for allowing me to tape his performance.  Thanks to Belexes for the clamp space, blocking and set list.  Thanks to Turner Hall for bringing great music to Milwaukee.

This audience recording for your enjoyment.  For trading only, not for sale.  Support those artists and venues that allow taping.  See them live, buy their merchandise, take a friend to the show.


Ratt 1986-04-11 Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

TITLE: 1986-04-11- Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan


AUD -> low gen Cass. -> Philips CDR775 CD Recorder -> CDR -> EAC: WAV -> TLH: FLAC 8 -> Hungercity

01. Intro
02. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
03. Give It All
04. Wanted Man
05. In Your Direction
06. Back For More
07. Never Use Love
08. Closer To My Heart
09. Walkin' The Dog
10. Between The Eyes
11. What You Give Is What You Get
12. You Should Know By Now (Tape Flip)
13. You Should Know By Now (Cont.)
14. Guitar Solo
15. The Morning After
16. Drum Solo
17. The Morning After (reprise)
19. Guitar Solo
19. You Think you're Tough
20. Sweet Cheater
21. Round & Round
22. Lay It Down
23. You're In Love

[b]If you decide to download this show, won't you please consider posting a Thanks ? It only takes a moment,
and believe me, it takes A LOT longer to prepare/upload a show for others to enjoy than it does to download and run.[/b]


Bruce Springsteen 1990-11-17 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, Ca(CC756-757)

Silver CDs - EAC (Secure Mode) - WAV - FLAC level 6
Label: Crystal Cat CC 756-57
Soundboar recording
Sat. 17th Nov. 1990, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

CD 1 60.23:
1. Intro
2. Brilliant Disguise
3. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
4. Mansion On The Hill
5. Reason To Believe
6. Red Headed Woman
7. 57 Channels (And Nothin' On)
8. The Wish
9. Tougher Than The Rest
10. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
11. Soul Driver
12. State Trooper
13. Nebraska
14. When The Lights Go Out

CD 2 64.33:
1. Thunder Road
2. My Hometown
3. Real World
4. Highway 61 Revisited
5. Across The Borderline
6. My Father's House (16-Nov-90)
7. Atlantic City (16-Nov-90)
8. Wild Billy's Circus Song (16-Nov-90)
9. The Promised Land (18-Jun-88)
10. My Hometown (18-Jun-88)
11. Blowin' In The Wind (18-Jun-88)
12. Bad Moon Rising (18-Jun-88)


#SAB 047-048 Nighttown Vega

Nighttown Vega

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 047-048
Disc Length : 73:41 / 64:25
Source : Audience Recordings
Sound Quality : EX
Year Of Release : 1998


Disc 1

Newpower Soul Tour Aftershow - Club Vega, Copenhagen : 19th August 1998 (am)

1. Intro   2. Instrumental   3. Johnny   4. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)   5. The Jam   6. Groove - Acknowledge Me - Push It Up - 2001:Also Sprach Zarathustra - Hola Hola Hola - Come On   7. Gett Off - Violet The Organ Grinder - Beat Box - In A Word   8. (Eye Like) Funky Music   9. Release Yourself

Disc 2

Newpower Soul Tour Aftershow - Nighttown, Rotterdam : 12th August 1998 (am)

1. Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothing   2. Let's Work   3. Delirious   4. Hola Hola Hola - 2001: Also Sprach Zarathustra   5. Hair   6. Instrumental   7. The War   8. Santana Medley


Neil Young 1985-08-15 Houston Fieldhouse, RPI Troy, NY

A fresh transfer from an old tape reiceved over 20 years ago from JM (New York)
My copy is a 2nd gen.
Generally I prefer seed from master or clone from masters,
but I think this version is not too much circulate.
Thank's to the original Taper - don't know the equipment, sorry. (If you are here please share your master)

NB = This is not a CD-rip, the files are what was transfered from the tape
I have adjusted only the pitch (No equalization)....



NEIL YOUNG & GREY RIDERS (a.k.a Internatinal Harversters)

Houston Fieldhouse, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York
August 15, 1985

Country Home
Comes A Time
Looking For A Love
Heart Of Gold
This Old House
Bound For Glory
Southern Pacific
Sugar Mountain
Nothing Is Perfect
California Sunset
Down By The River
Old Man
Get Back To The Country
Grey Riders


Bela Fleck 1995-08-16 Park West Chicago, IL

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (w/ Sam Bush & Howard Levy)
August 16, 1995 - Wednesday
Park West
Chicago, IL

Source: Audio Technica 815a > Sony D7
Transfer: Sony 60ES (Master DAT) > Sony PCM-D50 (optical) > PC > SoundForge 9.0 > CD Wave > Traders Little Helper
Soundforge 9.0 for resampling and fades
Flac files tagged in Foobar 2000

One Set
01. Vix 9
02. Backwoods Galaxy
03. Magic Fingers
04. Stomping Grounds
05. Seresta
06. Sex In A Pan
07. Life Without Elvis
08. Cheeseballs In Cowtown
09. Bela Solo
10. Arkansas Traveler
11. For Sascha
12. Blackberry Blossom
13. Blu-Bop
14. Jayme Lynn
15. Big Foot
16. The Sinister Minister
17. Encore Break/Band Introductions
18. Sunset Road


Robert Palmer 1991 Town and Country Club London, England

Recorded at The Town and Country Club, London, UK in 1991
Running time: Approximately 55 minutes
Lineage: CD>dBPpowerAmp>FLAC>Dime>You
Rating: A+


   1. Some Like It Hot
   2. Every Kind Of People
   3. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
   4. Change His Way
   5. Pride
   6. Woke Up Laughing
   7. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
   8. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
   9. Johnny & Mary
  10. She Makes My Day
  11. Looking For The Clues
  12. Mother Should Have Told You
  13. Simply Irrestible
  14. Mercy Mercy Me
  15. Addicted To Love


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1978-00-00 Jack Clement's studio Nashville, TN

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble (Featuring Miss Lou Ann Barton)
Recorded early 1978 at Jack Clement's studio in Nashville, TN - unreleased demo
SRV-Guitar, Vocals
Jack Newhouse-Bass
Chris Layton-Drums
Lou Anne Barton-Vocals

Lineage LP > ? > CDR > Wav > Flac L5 > you
Very clean with little noise...just the usual rumble.
Please do not encode to lossy formats except for personal use.
Do not only.

1. You Can Have My Husband
2. Rude Mood
3. Pride and Joy
4. Oh, Yeah
5. Love Struck Baby
6. Ti Ni Nee Ni Nu
7. Gonna Miss Me
8. I Wonder Why
9. I'm Crying
10. Sugar Coated Loving

Merry Xmas!!


Elvis Presley There's Always Me, Volume 3

Elvis Presley
There's Always Me, Volume 3
Released: 1995, by Bilko 1798/1799



Something Blue (# 1,2)
Fountain Of Love (# 1/6)
Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (# 1,2)
That's Someone You Never Forget (# 1,2,5)
I'm Yours (# 1,4 & workpart # 1)
Little Sister (f.s. & # 3,9)
His Latest Flame (try-out, # 1/3)
Easy Question (f.s. & # 3)
Give Me The Right (# 2,3)
Lawdy Miss Clawdy (# 1,3)


Rubberneckin' (# 1)
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (# 1/7)
And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (# 1/5)
Power Of My Love (# 2/6)
Come Out, Come Out (instumental try-out)
It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' (# 2)
I Met Her Today (# 19,20)
Love Me Tonight (# 4,5)


Again from Bilko we get another essential two disc set, containing even more superb quality studio outtakes from 1956 to 1969. Volume 3, housed in the familiar long fold-out cover with unique color photos, studies Elvis working on some excellent songs, especially those from Memphis in 1969.
Elvis was at his consummate best at his Nashville sessions in the early 1960's. He worked on lending his voice to many different styles during his tour of duty in Europe, and the sheer focus he brought to the songs he recorded when he returned to civilian life is stunning. Of course, the material didn't always live up to this standard, as we are all aware. Songs like "Something Blue", "Fountain Of Love" and "I'm Yours", heard here in interesting multiple alternate takes, are average at best for the greatest recording artist of the 20th century. Every song from the March 18, 1962 session (not 1961, as the cover states) sounds like a watered-down version of an earlier Elvis number -- "Gonna Get Back Home Somehow", for example, despite containing a tough, rockin' groove, lacks distinction. "(Such An) Easy Question" gives us Elvis doing his very best Dean Martin imitation (with a touch of Bing Crosby), the full alternate take being slower and actually sexier, for what it's worth.

The highlights of the first disc are, undeniably, the outtakes from the June, 1961 singles session which produced "Little Sister" and "(Marie's The Name of) His Latest Flame", along with another taste of Elvis ripping up "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" in New York on February 3, 1956 (!). The Nashville date in June was guitar god Hank Garland's last work with Elvis before a car accident sidelined his career -- his titanic and downright nasty solo runs throughout "Little Sister" are just "work outs" in the versions we get here, and they're still great! I wish Elvis had chosen this style of the song when he did it on tour in the seventies, it's perfect. As we hear on this set, the early takes of "His Latest Flame" (can't believe Bobby Darin had first chance to record this and passed) began with an unimpressive organ-based arrangement -- the song doesn't sound very good at all. Some of this material was released in the UK 15 years ago on "The EP Collection, Vol. 2", but we get more of it here. The switch to a driving piano with more intense "Bo Diddley" beat made a classic later on that night. Finally, there is the 21 year old tiger in New York, bantering with his band and nearly nailing "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" on the first take -- Scotty hit a few bum notes in the solo. Elvis would never again sound this innocent, yet powerful, after the 1950's. How I hope more of this material surfaces in the future!

With disc two Bilko again saves the coolest for last with more outtakes from Elvis' landmark American Studios visits in January and February, 1969! We are privileged to hear another session reel containing relevant studio chat, mistakes, and changing arrangements! It is a genuine thrill to monitor over nineteen minutes of Elvis working on "True Love Travels On A Gravel Road", a wonderful love ballad released that year on "From Elvis In Memphis". There's a magnificent rehearsal take (also found on Bilko's 'American Crown Jewels') with just voice, piano, bass and drums that will make you weep. There are uptempo run throughs (some with "naughty" words), Chips Moman actually cutting off a take in mid-verse ("Get that tempo right."), and Elvis and Reggie Young discussing the chord changes (yes, that's Elvis' acoustic on there too). You learn why these recordings are some of Elvis' very best -- they were all committed to making great music.

On "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind" the mutual respect is apparent as Elvis tosses organist Bobby Wood some headphones ("You want earphones Bobby? Right here, over the wall."). There are attractive, rowdy and undubbed versions of "Power Of My Love" and "Rubberneckin'", plus another nice rehearsal mix of voice, piano, bass and drums on "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'" (El sings a line of "Only The Lonely" before the intro). It's fascinating to imagine what Elvis' voice would've sounded like on "Come Out, Come Out", which was recorded in instrumental form when he was out for a few days with a cold. The tune itself is slow and swampy, featuring a tremelo-laden lead guitar line -- Elvis would've really done well with it. Now all we need are "Poor Man's Gold" and "Memory Revival" to complete our studies of the "lost" songs from American.

As I've said before, Chips Moman played the same role for Elvis Presley in 1969 that Sam Phillips did in 1954-55 (and Steve Binder did in June, 1968). Someone with a feel and an understanding of the artist he was working with, and the vision, determination and confidence to see it through. Elvis' work at American Studios yielded best selling records and critical accolades. The fact that Tom Parker was somehow unable to get Elvis working with Chips and American ever again is yet another reason to be unimpressed with his management of Presley. At least we got what we got. And now there's more of it!

Strangely, the disc ends with a couple more early sixties outtakes (including another version of the excellent Don Robertson ballad from 1961, "I Met Her Today") that are a jarring contrast to the soulful rock glory of Memphis 1969. In any case, this series remains absolutely essential to any serious Elvis fan. If you're reading this, that means you!

Johnny Savage, USA


Neil Young 1985-03-08 Festival Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

03-08-1985, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
w/ The International Harvesters And Crazy Horse
disc 1
01 Are You Ready For The Country?
02 Homegrown
03 Motor City
04 Comes A Time
05 Hillbilly Band
06 Too Far Gone
07 Roll Another Number
08 Southern Pacific
09 The Needle And The Damage Done
10 Heart Of Gold
11 The Old Laughing Lady
12 Birds
13 Sugar Mountain
14 Helpless
15 California Sunset
16 Love Is A Rose
17 Old Man
18 Band Introductions
19 Get Back To The Country
disc 2
01 Cinnamon Girl
02 Cortez The Killer
03 Touch The Night
04 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
05 Violent Side
06 Misfits
07 Hey Hey, My My
08 Tonight's The Night
09 Like A Hurricane
10 Powderfinger

Source CDR from trade Rusttree>EAC>Flac

Notes : 
Tour : 1985 Tour of Australia & New Zealand with The International Harvesters & Crazy Horse
Band : The International Harvesters and Crazy Horse
 Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano
 Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals
 Anthony Crawford - guitar, banjo, fiddle, vocals
 Rufus Thibodeaux - fiddle
 Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
 Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
 Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
 Larry Cragg - banjo, autoharp
 Joel Bernstein - guitar

Setlist and Info Sugar Mountain


Bob Dylan 1994-04-09 Leid Centre Lawrence, KS(Masters Series 197)

April 9, 1994

Masters Series 197

D6 A7 S8 H7 F6 BR3 96mins

Queen Jane Approximately
All Along The Watchtower
You're A Big Girl Now
Tangled Up In Blue
Watching The River Flow
Mama, You Been On My Mind
Gates Of Eden


It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
God Knows
I And I
She Belongs To Me
Maggie's Farm
Man In The Long Black Coat (cut)

Heres an oddity, US  show shot by a  European so pal
not a bad one to see either.

VIDEO : Mpeg-2, 720 x 576. 25 fps, pic ratio 4.3. PAL
AUDIO : AC3 Dolby Digital, 48000 Hz, stereo 38.4 kb/s

This is the other chapter in the Daves collection. Up to now with very minor exceptions everything has been taken from the master tapes. But of course Mr D had access to many others also. In his colelction there is a large number of U-Matic tapes. If you don't know u-matic is the studio standard video tape used back then by many TV studios. The tapes are huge easily 6-8 times the size and weight of a vhs tape and of course far better resolution / quality.

I have checked thru all of these and many again are much  better quality than circulating copies. It is to this resource we go next.

These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out


Living Colour 1993-05-02 86 Street Music Hall Vancouver, B.C.

Living Colour
Live in Vancouver, B.C.
86 Street Music Hall
Sunday May 2, 1993

Lineage: Living Colour live onstage > instruments plus monitors plus mains > room ambience > Sony PC62 stereo condenser mic (20 feet out 15 feet up from center of stage) > Sony WM-D3 professional cassette walkman (recording bias:chrome Dolby B:on) > Sony Metal Master cassette with ceramic composite shell > Denon DRM-500 precision audio component cassette deck (playback bias:metal Dolby B:off azimuth adjusted) > Soundblaster 16 Live! audio card (grounded and tweaked) > Wavelab 5.01b (re-recording capture, balance adjustment, EQ to boost bass and other minor mid tweaks, stereo enhancement, peak limiting, and tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (FLAC level 8, md5 creation, torrent creation) > YOU!

01 LC May 2 1993 CFOX intro
02 William Tell Overture with Cattle
03 Leave It Alone
04 Funny Vibe
05 Go Away
06 Middle Man
07 Auslander
08 Bi
09 Love Rears Its Ugly Head
10 Cult Of Personality
11 Nothingness
12 Postman
13 Elvis Is Dead
14 Type
15 Times Up!
16 encore break - Corey's Jimi
17 Memories Can't Wait
18 This Little Pig
19 Calhoun - Peace Y'all
20 aftershow afterglow
21 post show announcer - Peace Y'all reprise

Vernon Reid: guitar
Corey Glover: vocals
William Calhoun: drums
Doug Wimbish: bass

Notes: The first of two nights in Vancouver for the "Stain" tour, it was a pretty large crowd for a sunday night in a small club. I can't exactly remember how many people attended, but certainly it was near full capacity. There was a small second floor balcony-like set of bleachers set up above the main dance floor directly in front of the stage. I got in up there at the front row and center and mounted my microphone a few feet ahead of me above the crowd. Completely un-obstructed view and sound and still very much up-front and center, I had a great view from a 45 degree angle above and facing the band. I wish I had a video camera at this show, as it would have been a great spot to film from. It sounded great up there being eye-level to the PA speakers that were hanging from the ceiling. Perfect sweet-spot mid-way between the stereo PA system but still close enough to pick up the live stage sound and still far away from 95% of the crowd, I captured a very well balanced ambient sounding concert recording.
I'm amazed at how much improvisation the band does and how much more agressive the songs were when played live. I taped the next night's show as well, and while the set list is basically the same, the songs have many differences. This was (and still is) a great live band, always taking the tracks in new directions and not fearing the "clams" that would sometimes come up. I always thought the albums were weaker than their live show (not to say the records were weak - far from it!) because they blew my mind live!
The tape turned out quite well, in fact I would say it is in my personal top ten concert master recordings to date. I'm glad I spent the extra few dollars on the audiophile grade cassettes. Sony metal Master tapes are housed in shells made of ceramic material instead of plastic (think  shower tiles instead of pop bottles) using some of the best audio tape ever made for consumer use. These cassettes are not the standard run-of-the-mill variety but high-end high-grade and high priced to match. While I could find average good tapes for a couple to a few dollars, these cassettes cost me something like 15 or 20 dollars each. Google them. If you find some, and they're cheap, buy them! I'll buy them off you!
I played the tape back after re-aligning the playback head to track the original recording. Analog azimuth adjustment is critical for proper playback. My old WM-D3 always had azimuth drifting issues, as the heads were mounted on the same hinge as the door. I think that everytime a tape is inserted or removed, the heads shift a little bit. Both sides were independently remastered to digital, played into the computer flat. There were live analog recording level adjustments made during the first song, which I have smoothed out to be less noticeable. The original digi-version is as the tape is : loud and clear but a little thin of bass. I usually play tapes though an analog EQ to make fixes to the sound balance of lows to highs, but in order to achieve the desired results there would have been an extra layer of noise from the EQ. I used a Wavelab parametric EQ plug-in to digitally boost bass +10dB below 200Hz as well as adding a 1kHz spike boost (vocal definition), a 2kHz wide drop (guitar squeal cut), and a small 10kHz plus raise (slight extra cymbal sizzle). I widened the stereo field by 25%, balanced the two channels (left side was cut by 2 to 3 dB to match the right) and ran it through a final limiter (no peaks above -0.1dB, but no compression) although the levels only touched 0dB a few times. There is still ample headroom in this CD. I fought the loudness war and I won!
I haven't got any "real" coverart but have made some artworx scans of my master tape and cassette cover with ticket stub. It is a start to some real photoshop-y art project. If you make something for a true cover, please share with the others, and please email me a copy of your contribution to the coverart pool!
Please share this recording freely - don't buy or sell it, as that's just not right. The band owns the rights. Send them some cash if you really like this! Burn discs freeely for your friends and neighbours, upload it somewhere losslessly, press it on vinyl, whatever! Give! Please if you're giving it to someone who will re-share it, provide them with a data disc of the original FLAC fileset. Don't try re-ripping those audio CDR's! Please don't EnCrap to eMPty3 unless for temporary personal use only. Delete all eMPty3's when done. Better yet if you want lossy files - get your hearing tested! Friends don't let friends listen lossy! Smash your IPood, you festering nerd!
The technical mumbo-jumbo from TLH follows....


Paul McCartney 2014-07-09 United Center Chicago, IL

United Center
Chicago, IL

Recorded by Roy Martin using a set of Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 (with
AT hyper-cardioid elements installed) from Section 120 Row 8.

Captured as a 24-bit/96kHz WAV file using a Zoom H2n.


SP-CMC-8 > SP-SPSB-11 box (bass roll off switched off) > 24/96 WAV (Zoom H2n) >
downsampled to 16/44.a (using Cool Edit Pro 2.0) > Huge WAVs split (using
CD Wave Editor) > SBEs corrected (using Trader's Little Helper, '-fixed' removed
from the file names) > FLAC Level 8 (using Trader's Little Helper)

No EQing done, so salt & pepper to taste.

One of the most awesome concert experiences of my life.  I was at the far corner
of the stage, house right, overlooking Brian Ray's guitars and Paul's black piano.
Immediately underneath me was the performer's entrance to/exit from the stage. 
It was incredible to be within a few feet from a legend, Sir Paul McCartney, as he
stode to and from the stage.  What else was cool was the occassional gestures I
received from Abe Laboriel Jr.  I was wearing a huge 2X white pinstriped Chicago
Cubs jersey.  I figure Abe's a Cubs fan because he smiled and waved at me on a
couple of occassions.  It was even more incredible that, at the finale of
show, I stretched out my outreached hand and he, Himself... The Legend...
gave me a high-five as he passed by.  To have only momentary physical contact with
Sir Paul McCartney is a magical experience for this life-long Beatles fan. 
A memory that I will enjoy for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best sounding location to record from.  The mics
were hat-mounted, pointing almost straight up as the amps were suspended high
above me.  There's a little bit of mic handling rumble when I moved my head in
either direction.  (Try standing perfectly still at a Paul McCartney concert!) 
I was quite paranoid as I was merely a few feet from security and I don't mean the
arena's hired rent-a-cop idiots.  I mean, the REAL McCartney security dudes
who put their arms around the artist, hold the flashlights, and escort them off the
stage.  So, I had to maintain a superlow profile and this recording does not
represent my preferred choice of mic technique.  The crowd was pretty respectful
around me, considering McCartney attracts an... err... let's say a 'very interactive'
audience.  You can hear them shout out to him as he walks by me (right before
"Day Tripper," right before "Yesterday," and as he walks by at the end of the show.
What a great concert.  I still can't believe I got to high-five the Man.  Enjoy
and a shout out to all you McCartney fans out there.

Total time:  166 minutes 14 seconds

[01]  Eight Days A Week
[02]  Save Us
[03]  All My Loving
[04]  Listen To What The Man Said
[05]  Let Me Roll It
[06]  Paperback Writer
[07]  My Valentine
[08]  Nineteen Hundred & Eighty-Five
[09]  The Long & Winding Road
[10]  Maybe I'm Amazed
[11]  I've Just Seen A Face
[12]  We Can Work It Out
[13]  Another Day
[14]  And I Love Her
[15]  Blackbird
[16]  Here Today
[17]  New
[18]  Queenie Eye
[19]  Lady Madonna
[20]  All Together Now
[21]  Lovely Rita
[22]  Everybody Out There
[23]  Eleanor Rigby
[24]  Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
[25]  Something
[26]  Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
[27]  Band On The Run
[28]  Back In The USSR
[29]  Let It Be
[30]  Live & Let Die
[31]  Hey Jude
[32]  Day Tripper
[33]  Hi Hi Hi
[34]  Get Back
[35]  Yesterday
[36]  Helter Skelter
[37]  Golden Slumbers > The End


Jon Anderson 2004-01-19 B.B. King's New York, NY

Jon Anderson
B.B. King's
New York, NY
January 19, 2004
Audience recording

CDR received in trade by Sound Chaser

Disc 1
01 - Intro
02 - Harmony
03 - Long Distance Runaround
04 - Father Sky - Bring On The Day
05 - You Lift Me Up
06 - Yours Is No Disgrace
07 - Talking
08 - State Of Independence
09 - Big Buddha Song
10 - Talking
11 - Richard
12 - Talking
13 - I've Seen All Good People
14 - O'er
15 - unknown
16 - I'll Find My Way Home
17 - White Buffalo
18 - Talking
19 - Set Sail Communication
20 - The Revealing Science Of God
21 - First Song
22 - Nous Sommes Du Soleil


Disc 2
01 - Show Me
02 - Talking
03 - Harping
04 - New York, New York
05 - And You And I
06 - Change We Must
07 - Talking
08 - Amazing Grace
09 - Talking
10 - Talking
11 - Talking
12 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart

The Who 1970-06-07 The Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, NY

The Who
The Metropolitan Opera House, New York City- Early Show
June 7, 1970
2 cds - Flac

Bootleg --> EAC Secure Mode --> Flac

Disc 1

01 Heaven And Hell
02 I Can't Explain
03 Young Man Blues
04 The Seeker
05 Water
06 Overture
07 It's A Boy
08 1921
09 Amazing Journey
10 Sparks
11 Eyesight To The Blind
12 Christmas

Disc 2
01 The Acid Queen
02 Pinball Wizard
03 Do You Think It's Alright?
04 Fiddle About
05 Tommy Can You Hear Me?
06 There's A Doctor
07 Go To The Mirror
08 Smash The Mirror
09 Miracle Cure
10 Sally Simpson
11 I'm Free
12 Tommy's Holiday Camp
13 Welcome
14 See Me, Feel Me
15 Summertime Blues
16 My Generation
17 Sparks
18 Shakin' All Over

Notes: The Who played two shows on this date. This is the first. These two shows are historical -- this is The Who playing Tommy, the first rock opera, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York
City. It was a big deal at the time and still is fun to listen to.
The quality is pretty poor (to me anyway)

Upped by Felix!
Long Live The Who !

Brought to you by: Long Live Rock



Yes 1991-07-15 Madison Square Garden New York, NY

Artist: Yes
Date: 1991-07-15
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Madison Square Garden
Source: Audience
Lineage: Sony TCS-470>Master Cassettes Maxell MX-S90>Pioneer-CT500 to PC via stereo Y-cable>Audacity 1.2.6 (44100/16)>WAV(16/44 w/Audacity 1.2.6>Tracking(cd wave)>Flac (level 8, Align on Sector Boundaries using (Fix))

Taped and Transferred by: Dr. Giggles1

01. Firebird Suite (2:34)
02. Your's Is No Disgrace (14:37)
03. Rhythm Of Love (5:38)
04. Shock To The System (5:42)
05. Heart Of The Sunrise (11:38)
06. Clap (6:07) (Cut after song completes for tape flip, not noticeable)
07. Make It Easy (0:57) (Cut before song starts from tape flip after Clap, not noticeable)
08. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6:44)
09. And You And I (10:47)
10. Alan White - Bill Bruford Drum Duet (6:32) (Small cut at 1:51, due to hitting pause button by accident, couple seconds lost at most, barely noticeable)
11. Changes (6:25)
12. I've Seen All Good People (8:41)
13. Solly's Beard (6:38)
14. Saving My Heart - Whitefish - Amazing Grace (13:57)
15. Lift Me Up (8:51)
16. Rick Wakeman Solo (11:44)
17. Awaken - Crowd (10:09) (Tape flip cut at 05:06, not noticeable)
18. Roundabout - Crowd (7:57)

Total Time - 145 minutes 38 seconds.

Lineup    : (Courtesy of   
Jon Anderson     (Vocals)
Bill Bruford     (Drums)
Steve Howe     (Guitars)
Tony Kaye     (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin     (Guitars)
Chris Squire     (Bass)
Rick Wakeman     (Keyboards)
Alan White     (Drums)

This is my 15th transfer in the series. Not previously circulated as with all my masters. I will rate this show and the recording as VG+ to Ex-. There is a tape flip cut after "Clap" completes and before "Make It Easy" starts losing no music at all. There is a small cut in the "Drum Duet" at 1:51 due to accidentally hitting the pause button Only a couple seconds lost. and a seamless non noticeable tape flip cut at 5:06 of "Awaken". This was recorded from Section 225 Row C Seat 12. Enjoy this excellent presentation of the "Union Tour" In The Round with an 8 piece band. Too bad Close To The Edge was dropped from this set.
Enclosed in the Torrent is EncodeProcessLog, SBEsAudioFileCheck, shntool_len file, shntool_info file, FFP File and Verify.
Do as you wish for your own personal use but please do not alter any of the files here if you trade or torrent this elsewhere later on. No artwork or snazzy titles please this is a fan transfer not a bootleg.

; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on October 29, 2009, at 05:09:29

01 Firebird Suite.flac:d6b7c02502f8bf240a97899cbb92f7d0
02 Yours Is No Disgrace.flac:0be0f79e57fa5ea20da9dab661ac2aa3
03 Rhythm Of Love.flac:28f3571526b481b74efeb9626ef90bcd
04 Shock To The System.flac:edd70225bebb9fe76fa1b7e9b6f5756d
05 Heart Of The Sunrise.flac:3804704b0a22ef105b6bb95b98aec965
06 Clap.flac:25615342f438d74e97bb3a34e8f1f7fa
07 Make It Easy.flac:c6272a47ccead946d1becf918f78a505
08 Owner Of A Lonely Heart.flac:8e11fa71561f7422b0c8c9dd7a5f2bbf
09 And You And I.flac:df8fc7c3a8b65d4af097d3096071f13c
10 Alan White - Bill Bruford Drum Duet.flac:82c50ae3e5285c40ba80d33d36486660
11 Changes.flac:ebcf1e2333b512d994d3a979e652ecc6
12 I've Seen All Good People.flac:0d0991bd8f647e3f3d240887dfd391e3
13 Solly's Beard.flac:be4cdff96a6e0fd03844f9ecec60f1e7
14 Saving My Heart - Whitefish - Amazing Grace.flac:1815ac202a21190e9dde5cffdcbe5c61
15 Lift Me Up.flac:cd0c06395906dc89039ae188a0aa1be0
16 Rick Wakeman Solo.flac:c9875045f673ee75f8816bc21ee9fe6b
17 Awaken - Crowd.flac:c763f685c39b55a26b05a1b1380e9e06
18 Roundabout - Crowd.flac:0f7ebbe43ec1b9d4b438dfab6c348358

Dr. Giggles1


NIRVANA 1993-11-12 George Wallace Civic Center Fitchburg, MA

November 12, 1993
George Wallace Civic Center
Fitchburg, MA

DISC #1/2 (48:25)
01) Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
02) Drain You
03) Breed
04) Serve The Servants
05) About A Girl
06) Heart-Shaped Box
07) Sliver
08) Dumb
09) In Bloom
10) Come As You Are
11) Lithium
12) Pennyroyal Tea (cut)

DISC #2/2 (49:50)
01) School
02) Polly
03) Milk It
04) Rape Me
05) Territorial Pissings
06) Smells Like Teen Spirit
07) All Apologies
08) Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
09) On A Plain
10) Scentless Apprentice
11) Blew (cut)
12) unknown (cut)

ANA(M) -> DAT(1) -> WAV [48kHz] -> WAV [44.1kHz] -> FLAC [Level 8]

Sony PC-62 -> Sony WM-D3

Tascam DA-20 MKII -> Apogee S/PDIF cable -> LynxONE digital-in -> Adobe Audition 2.0 -> CD Wave 1.95.1 -> FLAC Frontend 1.7.1

bac060720c6ded81d9a1189e1214245d *nirvana1993-11-12d1t01.flac
7714085e345d142afed20474439b5797 *nirvana1993-11-12d1t02.flac
84bea11acbe30af7f5a73486db0cdfae *nirvana1993-11-12d1t03.flac
615d40785f504ef5c848cc6018ca1130 *nirvana1993-11-12d1t04.flac
7c884507087cbea9e68bfe6ed73dd16d *nirvana1993-11-12d1t05.flac
87f145032afc31d99bcac20f80ff4a64 *nirvana1993-11-12d1t06.flac
acbf0002b540959edbe7575f4750522d *nirvana1993-11-12d1t07.flac
f7593cb31d0c2234b8323353412b560a *nirvana1993-11-12d1t08.flac
ccd3abe0a92184fb733cb4753b7e0fd8 *nirvana1993-11-12d1t09.flac
9ec52a6cf372cc897cbc98b92f6c6e8d *nirvana1993-11-12d1t10.flac
16f80a05f07bd1792900f3f961731f3b *nirvana1993-11-12d1t11.flac
78a0f023e9f789c3c3155ca3ef1ed922 *nirvana1993-11-12d1t12.flac
3dab01643b4afb9760b230fb4936f82c *nirvana1993-11-12d2t01.flac
abc82dcfdcb60b6364929ad382c30b0c *nirvana1993-11-12d2t02.flac
63089a0f43928b521abbe1ffed041989 *nirvana1993-11-12d2t03.flac
2cfdcf7329dd55bb0d848e207692d395 *nirvana1993-11-12d2t04.flac
bcc949ca650153a4b0c8c5403ea86fac *nirvana1993-11-12d2t05.flac
71363bebcbe4f1e03f348a3434329d8b *nirvana1993-11-12d2t06.flac
7541a93b6fdd17fb8f8d69f02576ea4c *nirvana1993-11-12d2t07.flac
6c6b99de72e4be197d57e9663d3e12de *nirvana1993-11-12d2t08.flac
ff34103223440237e1d4a21cb59f5316 *nirvana1993-11-12d2t09.flac
ac4abb14f9cc4a649fec0e3525c73f96 *nirvana1993-11-12d2t10.flac
d0d0e03bb2d71c22a398a82524189985 *nirvana1993-11-12d2t11.flac
5fc0d565c2a798423006daf0cc52297b *nirvana1993-11-12d2t12.flac

Transferred by Mike Ziegler.


Gov't Mule 2015-05-05 La Cigale Paris, France

Gov't Mule
European Spring Tour
La Cigale
Paris, France
05.05.2015 [2015-05-05]

A Team Southern Germany Production

neumann km184 [matched pair] > xlr-in tascam dr-100 mk II [medium gain setting - 16 bit/ 44.1 khz]
> audacity [amp +4 db - fades] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac
mic-position ab, fob, almost dfc, 50 ft from stage
9 ft high [mics fixed to stand], well above seated audience
Taper: Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]

Disc 1 [1:26:42]
Set 1
01 Audience
02 Hammer & Nails
03 Mule > I've been workin' > Mule
04 Mr. High & Mighty
05 Unring the Bell *) w/ Get up, stand up Tease
06 Endless Parade >
07 Soulshine
08 Jeep on 35
09 I'd rather go blind
10 I'm a Ram > Outro 1st Set > Audience

Disc 2 [1:12:01]
Set 2
01 Audience
02 No Reward
03 Larger than Life
04 Temporary Saint
05 Sco-Mule >
06 Drums >
07 Maggot Brain >
08 The Other One Jam w/ Gimme Shelter Tease
09 Stoop so low >
10 I believe to my Soul > Stoop so low > Outro 2nd Set > Audience Encore Call
11 When the World gets small > Audience > House Music

*) = ~ 10 Seconds Distortion caused by PA.

Somewhere in the 1st Set is a very short La Marseillaise (French National Anthem) Tease played by Danny.

Dr. Warren Haynes [guitar, vocals]
Matt Abts [drums]
Jorgen Carlsson [bass]
Danny Louis [keys, guitar, trombone]

Show 50 of the Never-Ending-ACM-Mule-Tour.

Taped with permission of the band.

Share freely and the sun will always shine on you.
Definitely never sell.

Support the performers. See their shows and buy their official recordings.


Tony Rice and David Grisman 1998-006-20 Town Park Telluride, Colorado


June 20, 1998
Town Park
Telluride, Colorado

DAT Sony DTC-59ES > Optical > Audacity 44.1k (MBP)
44.1k wav > Audacity > xACT (FLAC/Tag)
DAT Provided by: ASI
Processing: DiGiHoArDeRs 9/29/14

01. Good Old Mountain Dew
02. Sambino
03. I Am A Pilgrim
04. Nine Pound Hammer
05. Dawg After Dark
06. EMD *
07. Fish Scale *
08. Shady Grove *
09. Swing 42 *

* w/ Darol Anger & Jim Kerwin


Grateful Dead 1972-03-27 Academy of Music - New York, NY

Grateful Dead - March 27, 1972
Academy of Music - New York, NY

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Apogee AD500 -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony D -> Samplitude Professional v10.1 -> FLAC
(3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 9, 2008

-- All disc changes are seamless

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - Bertha
d1t03 - Black Throated Wind
d1t04 - Chinatown Shuffle
d1t05 - Brown Eyed Women
d1t06 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d1t07 - I Know You Rider
d1t08 - Me And Bobby McGee
d1t09 - Mr. Charlie
d1t10 - Looks Like Rain
d1t11 - Deal
d1t12 - It Hurts Me Too
d2t01 - Cumberland Blues
d2t02 - Playing In The Band

Set 2:
d2t03 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d2t04 - Ramble On Rose
d2t05 - Big Boss Man
d2t06 - El Paso
d2t07 - Good Lovin'
d2t08 - Me And My Uncle
d3t01 - The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)
d3t02 - Sugar Magnolia
d3t03 - Loser
d3t04 - Casey Jones

d3t05 - One More Saturday Night


Phish 1998-07-01 The Grey Hall - Freetown Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Grey Hall - Freetown Christiana, Copenhagen, Denmark

Source: Schoeps MK4 (FOB; mics in a hat) > KCY > VMS IO2b > DA P1
recorded @ 44.1kHz
Lineage: Master DAT > 1st gen clone

Transfer: 1st gen clone > RME 96/8 > Soundforge 5.0 > CD Wave > MKW
Minor edits: Fades added at beginning and end of each set using
Soundforge 5.0
Transfered by Tim Rossi (
Thanks to Derek G. for the tapes

Errors: There were sector boundry problems on the last track of each
disc, I used shntool to fix them:
Padded 'ph98-07-01d109-fixed.wav' with 640 zero-bytes.
Padded 'ph98-07-01d206-fixed.wav' with 1904 zero-bytes

Tape Errors: NICU starts about 1 second into the song

*Dankseed Certification received 01-08-27*
and posted at
Listening test performed by *5* danksters

positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK

negative criteria met:
Resampled- NO
Diginoise- NO

- SHN>WAV>FLAC Level 6 via Trader's Little Helper
- Tags via MediaMonkey
- Consolidated original md5's to one file
- Files renamed to adhere to etree naming standards
- No music was harmed during the manipulation of these files

By geewiz 6/13/2012 (

Disc 1
Set I
2. Sample in a Jar
3. My Mind's Got a Mind of It's Own
4. Moma Dance
5. Down With Disease >
6. Dog Faced Boy >
7. Piper
8. Waste
9. Chalkdust Torture

Disc 2
Set II
1. Tweezer >
2. 2001 >
3. Loving Cup
4. My Soul
5. Sweet Adeline
6. Harry Hood


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1975-xx- Austin, TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan
xx-xx-75 - Austin, TX

Studio recordings, with the Cobras (with partial radio broadcast)


01. Instrumental
02. I Tried Pretty Baby
03. Boilermaker
04. Instrumental
05. Hambone's Tune
06. Matter of Fact
07. Other Days
08. In The Morning
09. Cryin' Town
10. Instrumental

Radio Broadcast

11. Lonely Nights
12. St. James Infirmary
13. Further On The Road
14. Thunderbird
15. Hambone's Tune
16. Other Days
17. Texas Clover


AC/DC 1977-02-05 Marana Civic Center Hurstville State,NSW

AC/DC 1977-02-05 Marana Civic Center  Hurstville State,NSW

Lineage: Silverdisc > EAC "Secure Mode" > Wave > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

There is also a bonus interview with Angus from Brisbane during the 1988 Australian Tour.

01. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
02. She's Got Balls
03. Problem Child
04. Live Wire
05. Jailbreak
06. Gonorrhea Intro > She´s Got The Jack
07. Can I Sit Next To You Girl?
08. T.N.T.
09. I´m A Rocker
Bonus Tracks:
10. Interview Angus Young Part 1 *
11. Interview Angus Young Part 2 *

*   Radio FM 104, Brisbane, Australia February 20 1988

Bon Scott: Vocals
Angus Young: Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young: Rhythm Guitar
Phil Rudd: Drums
Mark Evans: Bass


Cream 1967-05-23&29 Marquee Club, London & Spaulding, England

Disraeli Gears Live
Live - no label - nun

Disc 1: Marquee Club, London - May 23, 1967
Strange Brew
Interview with Eric Clapton
Tales of Brave Ulysses
World of Pain
Outside Woman Blues
Dance the Night Away
Sleepy Time Time
Sweet Wine
Rolling and Tumbling
Take It Back (Studio Outtake)

Disc 2: Spaulding, England - May 29, 1967
1) NSU
2) Sunshine of Your Love
3) We're Going Wrong
4) Stepping Out
5) Rollin' and Tumblin'
6) Toad
7) I'm So Glad


This is "Disraeli Gears Live" minus the BBC recordings which have been officially released!!!
Sound quality is Excellent for the time period!!!


U2 1981-10-07 Polytechnic Leicester,UK

07.10.1981, UK, Leicester, Polytechnic  
"October Leicester"
Good Audience

01. Gloria
02. Another Time, Another Place
03. Rejoice
04. An Cat Dubh
05. Into The Heart
06. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
07. The Cry / Electric co.
08. I Fall Down
09. October
10. Stories For Boys
11. I Will Follow
12. Twilight
13. Out Of Control
14. Fire
15. 11 O'clock Tick Tock

Comments: There's some static throughout this recording The ocean is missing as closing track while while I fall down is cut halfway and 11 o'clock tick tock near the end.

CDR - > EAC - > FLAC (Level 6)

Checked with Adobe Audition: Lossless


Steve Earle 1998-06-19 St. Louis MO, Mississippi Nights

 Steve Earle and The Dukes
St. Louis MO, Mississippi Nights

01 Christmas in Washington
02 Here I Am
03 Taneytown
04 Hard-Core Troubadour
05 My Old Friend the Blues
06 Someday
07 If You Fall
08 Mystery Train Part II
09 You Know the Rest
10 Windfall *
11 Copperhead Road
12 Telephone Road
13 More Than I Can Do
14 Now She's Gone
15 Ft Worth Blues
16 I Feel Alright

17 Poison Lovers
18 The Other Side of Town
19 Somewhere Out There
20 Billy Austin
21 The Devil's Right Hand
22 Nothin' But You
23 Goodbye
24 Johnny Too Bad
25 N.Y.C.
26 The Unrepentent
27 Wild Thing
28 Sweet Virginia)
29 Johnny Come Lately **
30 Guitar Town
31 I Ain't Ever Satisfied

* w/Jay Farrar
** w/Bap Kennedy, 6 String Drag, Brian Henneman

The Dukes:
Brady Blade, Drums
Kelly Looney, Bass
David Steele, Guitar

Liberated Bootleg


Fleetwood Mac 1974-00-00 ABC In Concert & 1975-00-00 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

Fleetwood Mac
Bob Welsh: vocals and guitar (R.I.P.)
Christine McVie: vocals, keyboards
John McVie: bass
Mick Fleetwood: drums
total runtime: 62:35 (minutes/seconds)
    "ABC In Concert" 1974, tracks 1-5
1: angel (fades in)  4:25
2: talk  1:37
3: Bermuda triangle  9:13
4: believe me  4:38
5: hypnotized  5:53
    "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" 1975, tracks 6-10
6: green manalishi  5:06
7: spare me a little  4:17
8: Bermuda triangle  10:09
9: rattlesnake shake  10:04
10: black magic woman  7:12
lineage: (In Concert, broadcasted sometime in 1974)
 FM broadcast > unknown master recording tape and equipment >
 AGFA 90 min. 1st gen cassette, provided by "nevinsrip" (dolby B on) >
 played on tascam 112 with dolby B on into soundforge (wav) >
 flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert: (broadcast circa 1980)
 broadcast cable TV station >
 mono earphone jack of Sony Trinitron TV >
 unknown cassette deck (dolby off) >
 played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav)
 flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
 track 1 comes from a second low gen source cassette tape
 tracks 2-5 are provided
 * from the *** NEVINSRIP *** collection *
"Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" from the gr19 archives.
 cable TV broadcast > Sansui 8 reciever > Sony TC158SD cassette deck >
 Maxell XLI 90 min. master cassette, recorded by "glasnostrd19" (dolby off) >
 played on tascam 112 with dolby B on into soundforge (wav) >
 flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
 a this and that production.
 do not sell this recording.
 this is a regular size double fleetwood macburger.
 not a big mac.
 share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.


Fleetwood Mac 1974-01-00 Record Plant, Sausalito, Ca.

Fleetwood Mac
January 1974
Record Plant, Sausalito, Ca.
KSAN-FM Broadcast

Mick Fleetwood: dr
John Mc Vie :b
Christine McVie: keyb.,voc
Bob Welch: g,voc
Bob Hunt: Clavinette, Hammond & synth.

1. Green Manalishi
2. Angel
3. Spare Me A Little
4. Sentimental Lady
5. Future Games
6. Bermuda Triangle
7. Why
8. Believe Me
9. Black Magic Woman
10. Oh Well
11. Band Intros
12. Rattlesnake Shake
13. Hypnotized
14. Mystery To Me


Rush 1979-01-21 The Spectrum. Philadelphia, PA(2nd source)

Rush - Philadelphia, PA
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 65:19, 26:08
Source: Audience
Date: January 21, 1979
Location: The Spectrum. Philadelphia, PA


01 - Anthem  3:42
02 - A Passage To Bangkok  3:59
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog  5:37
04 - Xanadu  12:00
05 - Something For Nothing  4:10
06 - The Trees  4:59
07 - Cygnus X-1  9:10
08 - Hemispheres 18:31
09 - Closer To The Heart  3:11


01 - Circumstances  4:05
02 - A Farewell To Kings  5:52
03 - La Villa Strangiato  9:31
04 - Overture  4:27
05 - Temples Of Syrinx  2:13


Ratt 1991-09-14- Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA

TITLE: 1991-09-14- Irvine Meadows, Irvine, CA, USA


AUD -> low gen Cass. -> Philips CDR775 CD Recorder -> CDR -> EAC: WAV -> TLH: FLAC 6 -> You

Disc 1:

Shame Shame Shame
You're in Love
Lay it Down
Wanted Man
Heads I Win
You're in Trouble
Slip of the Lip
Giving Yourself Away
Scratch That Itch

Disc 2:

Nobody Rides for Free
Round and Round
Lovin' You is a Dirty Job
Way Cool Jr / Guitar Jam
Lights Out
Walkin' the Dog
Honky Tonk Woman

[b]If you decide to download this show, won't you please consider posting a Thanks ? It only takes a moment,
and believe me, it takes A LOT longer to prepare/upload a show for others to enjoy than it does to download and run.[/b]


Neil Young 1996-03-18 Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA Vol.1

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE (THE ECHOS) - Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, California, USA - 18.March 1996

Lineage: DAT master -> DAT clone -> Hucht Copyprocessor -> standalone Philips CD burner -> CDR -> EAC -> wav ->
         CoolEdit (fading, normalizing) -> wav -> WavePad (tracking) -> wav -> flac

Disc 1:
01 Country Home
02 Stupid Girl
03 Bite The Bullet
04 Drive Back
05 Wonderin'
06 Like A Hurricane
07 Barstool Blues
08 The Losing End
09 Dangerbird

Disc 2:
01 Roll Another Number
02 Baby What You Want Me To Do?
03 When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
04 Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
05 Homegrown
06 Down By The River

Neil Young - vocals, guitar
Frank Sampedro - guitar
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums


Townes Van Zandt 1989-04-00 Die Scheuer, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Townes Van Zandt
Live at Die Scheuer, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, April '89
Soundboard, some microphone level issues in the first tracks, quiet audience.
Sound quality B+, later A-
Performance fantastic


CD1 (59:43)
01. 3:03 Dollar Bill Blues
02. 3:05 No Place to Fall
03. 2:52 joke
04. 4:18 Pancho & Lefty
05. 2:35 Buckskin Stallion Blues
06. 3:06 Waiting Around to Die
07. 3:26 Short-Haired Woman Blues
08. 3:03 Ain't Leaving Your Love
09. 2:50 My Home's Across the Smoky Mountains
10. 3:46 Flying Shoes
11. 3:16 Blaze's Blues
12. 3:45 Fraulein
13. 2:50 Mr Mudd and Mr Gold
14. 3:48 Lungs
15. 2:29 If I Needed You (cut) // break //
16. 3:03 Loretta
17. 4:49 Marie
18. 3:30 Snowing on Raton

CD2 (52:49)
01. 4:34 Cuckoo Song
02. 3:53 Lover's Lullaby
03. 2:28 T For Texas
04. 1:06 joke
05. 2:50 Saint John the Gambler
06. 2:49 None But the Rain
07. 4:29 Tecumseh Valley
08. 4:31 To Live is to Fly
09. 3:30 Cocaine Blues
10. 3:06 Who Do You Love?
11. 3:55 Chauffeur Blues
12. 2:35 Blue Wind Blew
13. 3:43 Snake Mountain Blues
14. 4:31 White Freightliner Blues
15. 4:42 Colorado Girl


. . . m a r a s t h a . . .


Living Colour 2013-04-05 Paradise Rock Club Boston, Ma

Artist: Living Colour
Venue: Paradise Rock Club
Location: Boston, Ma
Date: April 5, 2013

SP-CMC-8c===SP-SPSB-11 (12v) Bass Roll Off set @ 69hz to Sony PCM-M10 (Line In)===SDHC SanDisk 16GB Micro Memory Card @ 48/24(Dowmsampled to 44.1/16)

01.  Preachin Blues
02.  Cult Of Personality
03.  I Want To Know
04.  Middle Man
05.  Desperate People
06.  Amazing Grace
07.  Open Letter
08.  Funny Vibe
09.  Memories Cant Wait

CD 2

01.  Broken Hearts
02.  Glamour Boys
03.  Whats Your Favorite Color
04.  Which Way To America
05.  Drum Solo
06.  Bi
07.  Igonorance Is Bliss
08.  Leave It Alone
09.  Love Rears Its Ugly Head
10.  Times Up

Taper: Farve4
Mastering: Bob S.

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KISS 1992-04-23 The Stone San Francisco, CA

April 23, 1992
San Francisco, CA
The Stone
"Revenge" Tour

Source: AUD > "Secret Show '92" Silver CDs > WAV > FLAC

Love Gun
Heaven's On Fire
Shout It Out Loud
Calling Dr. Love
I Was Made For Lovin' You
100,000 Years
Take It Off

God Of Thunder
Lick It Up
Tears Are Falling
I Love It Loud
I Stole Your Love
Cold Gin
Detroit Rock City
I Want You

Eric Singer's debut performance with KISS, sourced from the "Secret Show '92" silver CD set.
Partial recording, but this is all that circulates from this source.


Joe Bonamassa 2013-04-20 Pearl Concert Theater Las Vegas, NV

Joe Bonamassa
Pearl Concert Theater
Las Vegas, NV
April 20, 2013

Source: Iphone > Tascam IM2 microphone > FiRe2 > Audacity > Exact Audio Copy > Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Toddjun

Acoustic :
02-Jelly Roll
03-Jockey Full of Bourbon
04-Athens to Athens
05-Woke Up Dreaming
Electric :
06-Slow Train
07-Dust Bowl
08-Dislocated Boy
09-Driving Towards the Daylight
10-Who's Been Talking
11-Joe Talking
13-Mountain Time
14-Young Man Blues
15-Look Over Yonder Wall
16-Ballad Of John Henry
17-Encore Break
18-Joe Talking
19-Sloe Gin
20-Just Got Paid
21-Band Introductions

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Eric Clapton 1989-02-03 Royal Albert Hall London, England

Thanks to the original poster and taper!
Eric Clapton
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
February 3, 1989
"Beetle Clasher" (Tarantura)

Lineage:  Original silvers => Unknown CDR generations => CDR => EAC => FLAC

Got this one in trade a few months ago; a near-perfect soundboard from the RAH in
1989.  I don't know any more about the lineage than what's above; sorry.  Both
sound and performance are excellent.  I believe that the Beatle reference in the
title is due to the fact that George Harrison was in attendance (although I don't
think he played) that night.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
(1)  Crossroads (8:14)
(2)  White Room (7:09)
(3)  I Shot The Sheriff (8:20)
(4)  Bell Bottom Blues (5:59)
(5)  Lay Down Sally (7:10)
(6)  Wonderful Tonight (7:31)
(7)  I Wanna Make Love to You (8:03)
(8)  After Midnight (5:30)
(9)  Can't Find My Way Home (6:58)

Total time:  69:59

Disc 2:

(1)  Same Old Blues (17:37)
(2)  Tearing Us Apart (7:09)
(3)  Cocaine (12:37)
(4)  Layla (12:50)
(5)  Solid Rock (5:02)
(6)  Behind The Mask (4:28)
(7)  Sunshine Of Your Love (17:08)
(8)  Closing (1:21)

Total time:  78:18

Artwork can be found here:

Band lineup:
Eric Clapton (Guitar / Vocals)
Nathan East (Bass / Vocals)
Steve Ferrone (Drums)
Mark Knopfler (Guitar / Vocals)
Greg Phillinganes (Keyboards / Vocals)
Alan Clark (Keyboards)
Ray Cooper (Percussion)
Tessa Niles (Backing Vocals)
Katie Kisson (Backing Vocals)

Total size (FLAC compressed): 951 mb
Total size (uncompressed): 1.46 Gb

Note:  The Tarantura release spread this show across three discs -- no doubt to
increase the amount they could charge.  Discs 2 and 3 are compressed onto Disc 2
of this set.



Bruce Springsteen 1977-03-14 Mid-Hudson Civic Center- Poughkeepsie, NY

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
“Are You Alive?” Kivak Master Series
Mid-Hudson Civic Center- Poughkeepsie, NY
March 14, 1977
Audience Recording
Cassette>CD>Wav>CD Wav Editor/Magix/Roxio

This 13 song show is an all out thrill ride! The setlist is sweet including “Don’t Look Back”,
“Something In The Night” and “Action In The Streets.” This also includes the long version of
Backstreets with the dramatic story interlude with Bruce wishing God would send angels to blow
the town away. Something in the Night is beautiful! The Miami Horns make an appearance during
“Tenth Ave” and the rarely performed “Action In The Streets.” There are a couple of small
glitches with a few seconds of the beginning of “Tenth” missing and a couple of spots in
“Spirit.” But, overall this is a nice recording worth having. Joe Kivak grabbed another good one!

Fanatic Records and Mr Anonymous proudly present the Kival Master Series!

Rob –Fanatic Records

Night 4:11
Don't Look Back Spirit 3:03
In The Night 8:12
Something In The Night 7:05
Thunder Road 6:39
Mona - She's The One 11:57
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 4:44
Action In The Streets 5:23
Backstreets 13:26

Jungleland 10:13
Rosalita 13:31
Born To Run 6:15
Quarter To Three 10:47


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elvis Presley There's Always Me, Volume 2

Elvis Presley
There's Always Me, Volume 2
Released: 1995, by Bilko 1698/1699


You'll Be Gone (f.s. & # 4)
Indescribably Blue (# 1)
I'll Remember You (# 1,2)
Suppose (# 1)
Witchcraft (# 2)
Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (# 1)
Western Union ( f.s. # 1,4)
Slowly But Surely (# 1)
Blue River (# 1,2)
It Hurts Me (alt. take)
Stay Away (alt. slow take)
Singing Tree (# 1, remake version)
Singing Tree (alt. take)
Summer Kisses, Winter Tears (# 23,25,26)
Britches (# 1,5,7)
We'll Be Together (2 alt. takes)
I Don't Wanna Be Tied (f.s.)/ Plantation Rock (alt. take, inc. vocal repair)
I'm Comin' Home (# 1,2)
In Your Arms (try-out version)
kiss Me Quick (# 1)


U.S. Male (# 1)/ wings Of An Angel (a.k.a. The Prisoners Song)
U.S. Male (# 4)
Guitar Man (# 1,2,5)
After Lovin' You (# 1/4)
Do You Know Who I Am (the session, approx. 10 takes)
Any Day Now (the session, approx. 12 takes)
Power Of My Love (alt. take)

For the Elvis scholar, this series is indispensable, holding mostly pristine quality studio outtakes from Elvis' RCA years, spanning a 15 year period (1956-1970). With Volume 2, another two cd set with great color photos and long fold out presentation, the focus is on sessions from 1960 through 1964, and 1967 to 1969.
Elvis the "studio professional" would be a good way to categorize his early sixties work. He made movies, gave a few live appearances, and recorded music for both film and non-film use. As we know, the musical balance would tip in unfortunate favor of soundtracks while the song quality diminished. On disc one we get a bunch of alternates from the May 1963 sessions (later to be referred to as the "lost" studio album, as the songs were relegated to various soundtrack albums as "bonus" tracks), as well as material from 1960-61 and 1964-67. We hear a super-fine singer, with an awesome studio and session musicians at his command, slaving over very mediocre songs. I'll take the weakest track from the "Elvis Is Back" sessions over things like "Finders Keepers" any day. "Western Union" is infuriating, it is such a shameless rip-off of "Return To Sender", while the bossa-nova styled "You'll Be Gone" (one of Elvis' only attempts to songwrite) is pleasant enough. "Blue River" does rock, in a goofy sort of way, and take two is the official cut (with a bit more distortion). Listen for the Jordanaires goofing up their backing vocals near the end of the tune --this was how it was released on 45 (as the flip to "Tell Me Why") in 1965 !

There's good alternate material from 1961's "Something For Everybody" sessions like"I'm Coming Home", the jaunty Charlie Rich number, which features terrific lead guitar from Hank Garland and from the "Flaming Star" sessions of August 1960. "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" is a haunting ballad (even better out of the context of the film it was intended for) -- on take 26 Elvis coughs in the middle but they still play all the way through! The best studio recording of the three (!) he made for the amazing year of 1964 (remember the Beatles?), "It Hurts Me", is rendered beautifully in an earlier take -- only the ending needs refinement. What a waste of a collossal talent. Had he recorded more goodies like this one, the Beatles impact on Elvis' reign might've been at least a bit muted. For the hardcore, the September 11th take of "Singing Tree" is here for first time anywhere; it's just about as tedious as the released version recorded the next day (and not very different either).

Disc two offers us some more of the crazy "US Male" sessions from January 1968 -- EP was never sillier or naughtier than this! There's lots of rough language between (and during) takes, just for the fun of the musicians assembled ("Do two more like that and we'll have a complete party album," says Felton Jarvis to Elvis over the talk-back speaker). It has to be pointed out that NO ONE back then knew that anyone would ever hear this stuff -- "underground" releases were virtually non-existant (at least until the Dylan "Great White Wonder" double album put out in 1969). Thus, borderline-bad taste material like the "Wings Of An Angel" jam would never have been played, even for laughs. RCA/BMG is right to withhold this from the general public -- it would be misconstrued by the unknowing masses as "proof" Elvis was a racist. As it is, the outtakes show a loose and swinging rocker, rediscovering himself during these sessions (and I love Bob Moore's stand up bass); takes 1, 2 and 5 of "Guitar Man" from September 1967, feel the same way.

Bilko saves the best for last with material I thought we'd never hear -- outtakes from the American studios visit in February 1969! As they say, "this is the shit"! We get full dubs from the actual session reels with studio chat (some more of the "nasty" Elvis), flubs, and changing arrangements! His singing is so soulful and committed on these sessions, his first in Memphis since 1955, it's a thrill and an honor to be privy to this material. "After Loving You" rolls along for eight plus minutes, Elvis playing guitar along with the house band on this one (a la "One Night"). The crisp snare drum sound of Gene Chrisman is a hallmark of these sessions -- and I love hearing how perfectly placed his fills are on this song -- just listen to his playing during the first verse of the song -- precision, care and passion! Awesome!

"Do You Know Who I Am", not one of the best songs of all time, is illuminating nonetheless. For nearly a half hour (!) you are standing next to Elvis as he tries to master this song! They change the key ("Better for me" he says) and producer Chips Moman reveals himself as a take charge guy, right down to letting Elvis know when he's flat or fine (how often did that EVER happen at an Elvis session?) -- Elvis: "I still miss that fuckin' modulation!" Chips: "No, you hit it!" This is great stuff, even Elvis' comment about masturbation (right around the ten minute mark) -- I kid you not.

Chips Moman is clearly to Elvis at American what Sam Phillips was to Presley during the Sun sessions fourteen years earlier -- a visionary who knew how to get the best out of his artist, musicians, studio and material. He's running the show and we all know what a great result he got. Wonder why Elvis or the Colonel didn't want to work with him again? We get to work with Elvis through "Any Day Now" and hear how close it was in arrangement to the 1963 Chuck Jackson original before the string overdubs. Critic Greil Marcus says Elvis sings this number "with a naked piety ... that cannot be heard in any of his other recordings". "Power Of My Love" is the one found on the great "From Elvis In Memphis" album, sans the overdubbed backing vocals -- he's loose as a goose here!

The "There's Always Me" series presents an excellent study of Elvis Presley, artist, at work; with the American Studios material you can upgrade that to genius at work. Volume 2 contains two essential discs for the serious Elvis fan. Thanks, as always, Bilko!

Reviewed by Johnny Savage, USA


#SAB 045-046/066 Stripped Down

Stripped Down

2 CD & 1 CD-Rom
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 045-046/066
Disc Length : 77:50 / video / 76:17
Source : Soundboard Recordings
Sound Quality : EX / EX+
Year Of Release : 1999


Disc 1

Nude Tour - Estadio Santa Maria del Mar, La Coruna : 29th July 1990 (Audio)

1. The Future   2. 1999   3. Housequake   4. Sexy Dancer   5. Kiss - I'm In The Mood   6. Purple Rain   7. Take Me With U   8. Alphabet St.   9. It Takes Two   10. The Question Of U (instrumental)   11. The Question Of U - Electric Man   12. Controversy   13. Do Me, Baby   14. Ain't No Way   15. Nothing Compares 2 U   16. Batdance   17. Partyman   18. Rock The House   19. Baby I'm A Star   20. Respect - Baby I'm A Star

Disc 2

Nude Tour - Estadio Santa Maria del Mar, La Coruna : 29th July 1990 (Video CD-Rom)

CD-ROM (As Above Show)

Disc 3

Nude Tour - Tokyo Dome, Tokyo : 31st August 1990 (Audio)

1. DAT Intro - The Future   2. 1999   3. Housequake   4. Sexy Dancer   5. Kiss   6. I'm In The Mood   7. Purple Rain   8. Take Me With U   9. Bambi   10. Alphabet St.   11. It Takes Two   12. The Question Of U - Electric Man   13. When Doves Cry   14. Do Me, Baby   15. Ain't No Way   16. Little Red Corvette   17. Batdance   18. Partyman   19. What Have You Done For Me Lately?   20. Baby I'm A Star   21. Respect - Baby I'm A Star


Two excellent quality soundboards from the Nude tour and two slightly differing shows. The opening La Coruna show is exceptionally clear and crisp and undoubtedly the better of the two. Unfortunately the opening DAT intro is missing which is strange as it was part of the original broadcast this is taken from, and the show goes straight into 'The Future'. The La Coruna show is a very basic Nude tour concert with very little in the way of improvisation - surprising as it is one of the better performances from the tour. The crowd interludes have been edited out by Sabotage and the overall show has been shortened by around 10 minutes because of this. Quality-wise it's above any criticism from me, however there appears to be a minute flaw during 'Batdance' - although it is extremely minor and not worthy of mention. The Tokyo recording on Disc 2 thankfully does include the opening DAT intro and the show has some set-list changes which make it slightly more appealing. The crowd level is substantially higher during this show and is actually a little overpowering in places - surprisingly so for a soundboard - and overall it lacks the sharpness of the La Coruna recording. This has evidently been sourced from the broadcast on Japanese TV and Sabotage have tried to edit it together as smoothly as possible, but it's fair to say the end product is a little hit or miss as the crowd level fluctuates from silent to a roar within the space of seconds. A terrible crime in the world of bootlegging is to edit out parts of the show, and Sabotage are guilty of doing exactly that on the Tokyo recording. The piano intro to 'The Question Of U' (which included Venus De Milo - Under The Cherry Moon) has been chopped out for reasons unknown, and thus makes the show incomplete. It's a shame as the concert includes a phenomenal version of 'Bambi' along with unusual performances of both 'Little Red Corvette' and 'When Doves Cry'. Just a pity Sabotage felt the need to rip out part of the show without explanation in the accompanying booklet. The release includes a 3rd disc containing a professional filmed video broadcast on Spanish TV of the La Coruna concert. The fact this release contains two soundboards from the Nude tour makes this one of the best documents from the tour. The quality of the La Coruna show is superb, but the butchering of the Tokyo recording is (to me) very disappointing.