Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Black Crowes 2013-07-30 Bank of America Pavilion Boston, MA

Black Crowes
Bank of America Pavilion
Boston, MA

Location: FOB/slight ROC (Sec 2, Row AA, seats 9 & 10); mics @~ 8ft  
Source:   MBHO603/ka200n (~NOS) > V3 > Sony PCM-D50 (48/24)
Transfer: Sony ProDuo Card > Sound Forge (convert 44.1/16, track and fades) > TLH (flac@8 and ffp)
Recorded, trasferred and seeded:  Bob Crupi (axomxa@comcast.net)

01. Soul Singing
02. Only Halfway to Everywhere
03. Peace Anyway
04. Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution
05. She Gave Good Sunflower
06. Girl From the Pawnshop
07. Wiser Time
08. She Talks to Angels
09. Hi Head Blues
10. Been A Long Time (Waiting on Love)
11. Remedy
12. Hard to Handle >
13. Hush > Hard to Handle

14. Lets Go Get Stoned*
15. Lovelight**

*  w Derek, Susan (vocal), Mike Mattison and Mark Rivers (vocals) and Koffi (keys)
** w Derek, Susan (vocal and guitar), Tash Neal (guitar and vocals), Falcon and Koffi (keys)


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