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Bruce Springsteen 1985-06-15 Waldstadion Frankfurt, Germany

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Frankfurt, Germany
June 15, 1985
(Recorder 3)

Transferred and Upped by mjk5510 (August 2013)

Transfer: "Welcome To Germany' 4LP Set > Pioneer TT > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Click Repair 3.8.4 (low sensitivity setting) > Peak Pro XT (volume smoothing / indexing / subtle tweak / manual click repair) > xACT > FLAC

The effort to get all recorders circulating continues with the BIUSA tour stop in Frankfurt.

There are 3 recorders available for this night, this share is Recorder 3 and appears to be less circulated and not shared here yet, I believe a lot of traders over the years assumed it was from the same source as 'Dancing In The Park'.

Recorder 1: released on the 4 LP Set 'Dancing In The Park' and CDR 'Intensively Rockin' All Night Long'
Recorder 2: Minimax Master
Recorder 3: released on the 4 LP Set 'Welcome To Germany'

The source for this share is my original mint copy of the 4 LP set, it came directly from the distributor to my contact to me and has been in my possession since release and only played once prior to this transfer.  I played it shortly after acquiring it, logged in on my list and stored it away for the past 27 years.

The source for the patches is my original copy of the 4 LP set 'Dancing In The Park'.

For any sides that faded out and faded in on the subsequent side I reversed the fade bringing each sides fade back up for the smoothest transition possible.

LP Information:
Title: "Welcome To Germany!" Live At Frankfurt, Waldstadion, 15.6.1985
Discs: 4
Label: September Songs
Vinyl: Black
Release year: 1986
Matrix: Bruce/1-8

Download includes LP Artwork (I did not modify it for CD this time out but thought some might like to have the original LP art in case anyone wants to modify it).

Known Issues:
-Thunder Road: 12 seconds of intro patched with 'Dancing In The Park'
-Cover Me > Dancing In The Dark: 3 seconds patched during song transition with 'Dancing In The Park'
-Rosalita: 3 seconds patched from 12:40 - 12:43 with 'Dancing In The Park'

101 Born In The USA
102 Badlands
103 Out In The Street
104 Johnny 99
105 Atlantic City
106 The River
107 Working On The Highway
108 Trapped
109 Prove It All Night
110 Glory Days
111 The Promised Land
112 My Hometown
113 Thunder Road (12 seconds of intro patched)
201 Cover Me (3 seconds patched at end during song transition)
202 Dancing In The Dark
203 Hungry Heart
204 Cadillac Ranch
205 Downbound Train
206 I'm On Fire
207 Because The Night
208 Rosalita (come out tonight) (3 seconds patched)
301 Can't Help Falling In Love
302 Born To Run
303 Bobby Jean
304 Ramrod
305 Sherry Darling
306 Twist And Shout + Do You Love Me



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