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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 1970-01-11 Falkoner Centret Copenhagen, Denmark

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
David Crosby: guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Graham Nash: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Neil Young: guitar, vocals
Greg Reeves: bass
Dallas Taylor: drums
(last known show with the original CSNY lineup, acc. to

Falkoner Centret
Copenhagen, Denmark
January 11, 1970 

lineage: audience recording > ??? > CDR > WAV > FLAC
remaster lineage: download (flac) > wav > flac (sb's aligned) > remaster upload.
Sound: C (but good for 1970)
Source: Aud
runtime: 128:42 (minutes/seconds)

     disc one 74:37
1: Suite: Judy blue eyes 9:56
2: blackbird 2:50
3: you don't have to cry 3:29
4: on the way home 4:53
5: teach your children 3:58
6: triad 6:47
7: Guinnevere 7:04
8: our house 5:13
9: helpless 5:20 (cuts in middle)
10: country girl 6:43
11: black queen 6:59
12: 49 bye-byes > America's children 6:47
13: helplessly hoping 4:32

     disc two 54:05
14: pre-road downs 6:07
15: so begins the task 5:35
16: long time gone 6:01
17: the loner 5:22
18: wooden ships 8:36
19: down by the river 22:23 (end cuts)
20: find the cost of freedom (not recorded)

this was posted before remastering on Dec. 15, 2008 by thechief123 at torrent #227319.
I have balanced the levels slightly in a few tracks.
It didn't need much. band lineup, track and set times were also added.
just a remaster saved for a CSNYless time of need.
not sure but the second disc is apparently a second set.
the quality is not bad for an audience tape of this era,
and it sounds like this might even be from a master tape.
not sure about that. it did not say where the source is from,
in the original info file, only from a CD.
the original info file is also included in this post.
if you got that one, you don't need this, but if you didn't
you really should hear it. a few old Neily classics not heard
very often from CSNY in here.


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