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Joe Bonamassa 2005-07-21 Blues In Central Park Decatur, Illinois

Joe Bonamassa
Blues In Central Park
July 21, 2005
Decatur, Illinois

Part of the yearly free concert series put on by the city of Decatur, Illinois.

Set I 53:13
Disc 1

1. ???  10:18
2. It Was A New Day Yesterday...  7:29
3. Guitar Into  2:04
4. Blues Deluxe  9:11
5. Mountain Time  11:45
6. You Upset Me baby  9:51

Set II 62:50
Disc 2
1. Acoustic Guitar Solo  6:57
2. The River  8:33
3. Burning Hell  9:32
4. ??? 12:15
5. Heart Of The Sunrise 1:41
6. WURM (Starship trooper) 4:41
7. Guitar Solo (Incl. part of Eruption) 4:34
8. Are You Experienced?  14:32

Another one of my master recordings for your amusement.

Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Joe's material to take a reasonable guess at all the song titles.
If someone wants to post the complete setlist I would appreciate it.

Recording info: Core Sound HEBS (DPA 4061s)Mounted on 15' stand at sound desk->Sony TCD D100
Sound man was positioned about 40' back dead center of the stage.  He was nice enough to make room for my gear and alert me when the sets were starting so I could start the tape.  If only every show could be so easy.

Transfer: Tascam DA302->Coax->Soundblaster Audigy->Sound Forge 8->CD Architect.

Very nice sound, well mixed and with the mics suspended 15' up the crowd noise sounds more natural, not overwhelming.
Joe's first visit to this very small city in south-central Illinois and the band was in top form.




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