Thursday, March 8, 2018

Joe Bonamassa 2009-03-08 Turner Hall Milwaukee, WI(2nd source)

Joe Bonamassa
Turner Hall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 8, 2009

DPA 4022 > V3 > SD 702@ 24/48hz
CF > Audacity @16/44.1hz > CD wav > Flac (8)

DINa DFC FOB 9ft in air 50 yards from stage
Taper: Soling (

Run time: 123:25

(1) Ballad of John Henry
(2) Last Kiss
(3) So Many Roads
(4) Mountain Time
(6) Another Kind of Love
(6) Sloe Gin
(7) The Great Flood
(8) Lonesome Road Blues
(9) Happier Times
(10) Your Funeral My Trial
(11) Blues Deluxe *
(12) Woke Up Dreaming
(13) Just Got Paid > Dazed & Confused > Just Got Paid (reprise)
(14) Ball Peen Hammer
(15) Story of a Quarryman
(16) Asking Around For You **

* At times, the mains cut out to the house

** After the keyboard break, local 9 year old blues guitarist prodigy Tallan Latz took over the guitar duties.

Thanks to Joe Bonamassa for allowing me to tape his performance.  Thanks to Belexes for the clamp space, blocking and set list.  Thanks to Turner Hall for bringing great music to Milwaukee.

This audience recording for your enjoyment.  For trading only, not for sale.  Support those artists and venues that allow taping.  See them live, buy their merchandise, take a friend to the show.


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