Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Neil Young 1985-08-23 Zoo Amphitheater Oklahoma City, Ok

Neil Young w/ The International Harvesters
Zoo Amphitheater
Oklahoma City, Oklahaoma
August 23, 1985

In addition to the beautiful Grey Riders Compilation by AV, here is a great show from the International Harvesters tour 1985, recorded by mjk5510 and also uploaded before here in autumn 2006. All credits to mjk5510, please!

Excerpt from original notes by taper and uploader:

Recording: 2 x Sony mic ECM33F > Sony D6 > Maxell XLII
Lineage: Audience Master > Akai GX-R60EX > Cool Edit Pro (Indexed/Volume Smoothing/Fades) > CDR > Flac

Disc One
01 Country Home
02 Comes A Time
03 Lookin' For A Lover
04 Hear Of Gold
05 This Old House
06 Bound For Glory
07 Southern Pacific
08 Sugar Mountain
09 Helpless
10 Nothing Is Perfect
11 California Sunset
12 It Might Have Been

Disc Two
01 Down By The River
02 Old Man
03 Powederfinger
04 Band Introductions
05 Get Back To The Country
06 Grey Riders

Very good quality and a great performance,taped about 15 feet from the stage in a general admission set up.

No eq'ing on the master tape.


Nothing more to add for me besides:

I kept the flac files untouched, but changed the txt file, the torrent title and created a new file integrity signature list.

Enjoy! Please do not sell or encode to mp3. Never ever!!!
Share it with your friends.

uploaded on dimeadozen by sunwalker 02/2009



  1. Wrong link 21 instead of 23

  2. Same for me : ny1985-08-21 Richfield.rar
    Anyway, thanks for your hard job!