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New York Banjo Summit 2013-10-12 Jorgensen Center For The Performing Arts UCONN, Storrs CT

New York Banjo Summit
Jorgensen Center For The Performing Arts
UCONN, Storrs CT
October 12, 2013

source : AKG 480/ck63 > V3 > R4 (16/44)
transfer : Audacity > CD Wave > flac
recorded and transfered by : Dave Malloy (CTDave)

featuring on banjo :
Bela Fleck
Eric Weissberg
Richie Stearns
Bill Keith
Noam Pikelny
Tony Trischka
& special guest Abigail Washburn

with :
Casey Driessen - fiddle
Jesse Cobb - mandolin
Corey DiMario - bass
Russ Barenberg - guitar

1st set

01. intro
02. ? each banjo takes a chorus (band/Bill/Noam/Abigail/Tony/Eric/Richie/Bela)
03. ? (Bill/band)
04. ? (Bill/band)
05. ? (Bill/Corey duet)
06. My Mother Thinks I'm A Lawyer (Noam/band)
07. Wheel Hoss (Noam/band)
08. ? (Noam/Bela duet)
09. Through The Gates (band/no banjo's)
10. talk (Abigail)
11. City Of Refuge (Abigail solo)
12. talk (Eric intro)
13. Eatin' Out Of Your Hand (Eric/band)
14. Medley Of Originals (Eric solo)
15. > Deuling Banjo's (everyone)

2nd set

01. intro by Bela/Juno
02. ? (Tony solo/Abigail vocals)
03. Bon Aqua Blues (Tony/Noam duet)
04. The Danny Thomas (Tony/band)
05. Veins Of Coal (Richie, Abigail vocals/band)
06. The Last Train To Rajasthan (Richie/band)
07. Beatles Medley (Bela solo)
08. ? (Bela solo)
09. ? (Bela/Abigail duet)
10. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Bela solo/Abigail vocals)
11. John Handy (Tony/Bela/Noam trio)
12. Earl Scruggs Medley (everyone)
13. crowd
14  E1 Foggy Mountain Breakdown Reprise (*see footnote)
15  crowd
16. E2 Reubin (everyone)

*For The Foggy Mountain Breakdown Reprise, Bela and Tony play one banjo together at the same time,
switching right and left hands. Soon they are playing at the same time on the one banjo with both hands.
This action is then joined by Noam scratching the banjo face with finger picks, and then Bill twisting
the pegs all while Bela and Tony play on. Bill does his thing and walks off. Richie then slides on the
floor on his back between everyones legs and bangs on the banjo body with a drum stick as the trio still
play on it. Soon the remaining band members drag Richie by the feet off stage  all the while Eric sweeps
behind them with a janitors broom as Bela Tony and Noam finish the jam on the one banjo!


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