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Pink Floyd 1970-06-28 Kralingen Pop Festival, Rotterdam, Holland

Pink Floyd
1970-06-28 Kralingen Pop Festival, Rotterdam, Holland

AUD: open reel master > 1st gen cassette* > dat(48k) > shn(Reeling tapes)** > wav (L ch only) > Serato speed correction in PTHD2 > flac(8)
SBD: "Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972" voio (48k LPCM)
* not possible to verify
** not possible to verify if any other processing has been done

Set List:

 01. Astronomy Domine    
 02. Green Is The Colour -> Careful With That Axe, Eugene   
 03. announcements  
 04. The Amazing Pudding
 05. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
 06. A Saucerful Of Secrets
 07. announcements
 08. Interstellar Overdrive 
 09. announcements

Stereo Bonus Tracks:

 B1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
 B2. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Mastering notes:
I can't be 100% sure about the lineage. I believe there are only 2 sources for this show - a complete audience recording and incomplete soundboard fragments of 2 songs. I believe the cleanest source for the audience recording is the Reeling 48k dat. All the 44.1k copies I've come across are identical to the 48k copy except for the sample rate. The 44.1k copies sound like lossy downsampled versions of the 48k copy. The 48k copy includes some tape startup sounds that have been edited out of the 44.1k copies. I'm even suspicious of the 48k dat source. The file header says 48k. The speed is outlandishly fast. The speed is actually closer to correct when played back at 44.1k. At 44.1k it's AD, GITC/CWTAE very close to 100c flat; AP,STCFTHOTS are close to correct but run faster at times; ASOS back to 90c flat; IO is 20c or so flat but varies; there are clear edit/break points for these sections (even a couple fades). One could speculate from the evidence and sound quality that this could be a 44.1k recording with an incorrect header that was incorrectly speed corrected (the even 100c flat at the start of AD @44.1k is suspicious). The grainy, lo res nature of the sound could be due to a lo quality analog transfer to the dat but could also be due to low resolution processing - I can only speculate.
The soundboard source comes from the Kralingen Pop Festival video found on the "Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972" voio. Both recordings are monophonic. The audience source was transferred to a stereo cassette with the usual phase anomalies that are introduced by this. The left channel has slightly better resolution and is used here. Eliminating a microphone bump allowed the level to be raised an even 6db.
The audience source was played back at 44.1k and speed corrected from that point. There is therefor no 48k version of this remaster. I decided that this approach would be less math (processing) for these files in the long run. The stereo bonus tracks were created by combining the 2 sources (SBD in the L, AUD in the R). This was done at 48k (included here as well as a downsampled version). For these versions I added a little of the high end (above 8k) from the SBD to the AUD channel for better balance (the AUD recording rolls off above 8k). For the mono sections (where the SBD is incomplete) I boosted a little high end for the L channel only (where it replaces the SBD source). These are not exactly normal or proper mastering techniques (for preserving historical artifacts) but seemed to be the best options to present a listenable version of this material without further damaging it. Both of these sources (AUD & SBD) have qualities that resemble lossy transfer and/or low resolution processing but there is no way to be sure this isn't just a critique of a poor analog to digital transfer.

Trade/share freely, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.


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