Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pink Floyd 1971-06-05 Berliner Sportpalast Berlin, Germany

Pink Floyd
Berliner Sportpalast
Berlin, Germany

File Size: 552.06 MB
Length: 1:57:35

Sound quality: Audience recording, seems mono, B-. Actually a fairly pleasing listen, but loses points for much distance from stage, audible hiss, distortion on loud parts, and nearby talkers ignoring the band during quiet parts.

Lineage: audience > ? > CD (Oh Boy 2-9021) silvers > cdparanoia > FLAC
Transferred by: Hemisphere Teledildonics, Inc.
cdparanoia had a problem with one sector of disc 2 track 3, and I had to turn off "don't allow 'V's" to rip it; all other tracks are "cdparanoia -z". For what it's worth, I can't hear a problem. The info file has the details.

Files titled from CD:

PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-101-CWTAE.flac    [26:28.41]
PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-102-Embryo.flac    [10:03.62]
PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-103-Echoes.flac    [23:01.24]
PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-201-StCftHotS.flac    [13:58.44]
PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-202-AD.flac        [11:13.51]
PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-203-ASoS.flac    [32:52.62]

A more accurate listing of titles would be:

Disc 1 ("East" disc) 59:35
 1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 11:56
 > 2. Fat Old Sun 14:32
 3. The Embryo 10:04
 4. Echoes 23:01

Disc 2 ("West" disc) 58:07
 1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:58
 2. Cymbaline 11:14
 3. A Saucerful Of Secrets 18:53
 > 4. Astronomy Domine 7:22
 > 5. Pink Blues 6:38

"Echoes" has some alternative verses. Supposedly this was the first show using their quadraphonic sound system (presented here in glorious mono).

hi-rez covers (not downloading for me at the moment):

If anyone has good cover scans, please post them as attachments to this thread. I've not been able to download them from anywhere, and have no scanner.


Do not encode to MP3. Encode to Ogg Vorbis instead. Actually, do whatever you want. I don't really mind.

Forgot to get fingerprints for the .wav's and now they're all deleted.  :/

a18395b502cc51b9e12a6530808e7682  2-9021-2-front.jpg
ad08dda00c3230b3c40d4fe3a803870f  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-101-CWTAE.flac
4e82edef19562846308faf978d7ac093  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-102-Embryo.flac
8a1df62b9e40b024031e0b49d5afc03d  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-103-Echoes.flac
6114f52d4ba373e140b670f10d8a30d6  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-201-StCftHotS.flac
747284a12adffd7201fa911c073b66c3  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-202-AD.flac
ddf9500053d3fccf7235c9a13ddf8bff  PF-1971-06-05-Mauerspechte-203-ASoS.flac

This is my first-ever torrent. Seems easy enough so far. Feedback welcome.



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