Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pink Floyd 1971-06-19 Palazzo Delle Manifestazioni Artistiche, Brescia, Italy

BRESCIA 6.19.71    -2 discs-
date/venue: 1971 June  19 -  Palazzo Delle Manifestazioni Artistiche, Brescia, Italy
source Audience - gen: 2nd
CDR(?) > shn

01 atom heart mother  15:21
02 careful with that axe, eugene 13:58
03 fat old sun 15:18
04 embryo 11:10
01 the return of the son of nothing 22:26
02 set the controls 13:10
03 cymbaline 12:01
04 a saucerful of secrets 19:41
TOT LENGTH: 123.08

this show replaced the show sheduled in Bologna, Palazzo Dello Sport which was meant to replace the one in Milan, Palasport ... both the shows were cancelled after failure of obtaining licences from the local authorities.
very nice version from a cripsy 2nd gen.
no more pieces of recording here compared to the versions commonly circulating since I guess the cuts between the songs are indeed on the master (?).
the claimed 'master' used for the DFA's "Super...Pink Floyd" is inferior to this, with a lotta NR.
there's nothing better than this around, at now ;)


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